I was suffering from eczema when I came to seek help from Dr. Fu.  I had gone to see two dermatologists who both prescribed medications that would have severe side effects.  Dr. Fu, however, treated me with acupuncture and ear seeds, which does not have any side effects. Thanks to Dr. Fu, this condition which has bothered me for over two months has finally started to come to an end.
A. K. (Irvine, CA)


當我之前濕疹發作的時候,我到傅醫生那兒尋求幫助。 在此之前我曾看過兩個皮膚科醫生,他們都開給我會有很強副作用的葯。 但是傅醫生不同,他用針灸,耳針和中葯,這些沒有副作用的方法來治療,感謝傅醫生終於替我解決這個困擾兩個多月的問題。

A. K. (Irvine, CA)