I was dealing with a severe chase of eczema for almost a year and all western medicine
doctors offered me were steroids and ineffective medications.
I found Dr. Fu on Yelp and started treatment with him immediately. He is the only doctor
who could help treat my condition with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The
key is to be patient and continue the treatment. In chronic and long term diseases you
may not feel the improvement after only 4 or 5 treatments, you need to believe and
continue and soon after you will see amazing results.
His staff are extremely gracious, helpful and accommodating. I completely believe in his
skills and ability and recommend him to anyone who is battling with health issues.
B. J. (Laguna Beach, CA)
Yelp查詢找到了傅醫生並立即開始接受他的治療。 他用針灸和中藥治療我的症狀,也是唯一目前有效幫助我的醫生。 關鍵是要耐心並持續的治療。 對於長期慢性疾病而言,4或5次的治療,你可能感覺不到改善,但你需要相信醫生並持續治療,很快的,你將會看到驚人的結果。
診所的工作人員非常親切,且樂於助人。 我完全相信傅醫生的醫術,並極力推薦他給任何正在與被健康問題困擾的人。

B. J. (Laguna Beach, CA)