Ringing In The Ear

When I went to bed every night, I had a ringing in the ear . I went to Dr. Fu and after a few sessions, the ringing went away! It’s been 2 years and still problem free. I’ve continued to see him for other ailments over the years. His technique is superb. I’ve been to many acupuncturists before Dr. Fu and have concluded that Dr. Fu is truly the best.

Translation: 耳鳴
每當晚上睡覺時,總會聽到耳鳴聲, 去了傅醫師診所,經過幾個療程,耳鳴不再出現了! 直到現在已經過了2年,耳鳴沒有再復發。多年以來,傅醫師一直照顧著我其他病痛需求。 他的醫術很棒。沒遇到傅醫師前,也曾看過許多其他的針灸醫師,但傅醫師真的是最好的。

C.K. (Irvine, CA)