Chronic Back Pain

Last month, my father (56) came to Dr. Fu because of a chronic backpain that persisted since he was around 30. When we finally decided to do something about his backpain instead of just letting him rest in bed for days for the pains to subside, I brought him to Dr. Fu. My father received great care and was given intensive treatment schedule (once a day for a whole week) before he could return to work. Dr. Fu was trilingual and was able to communicate with my father, letting my father understand his conditions and possible treatment plans. My father is on his way to complete the entire treatment process, and so far, there hasn’t been any complaints! I would totally suggest people to come to Dr. Fu for any bodily pains they have becuase, more likely than not, Dr. Fu will cure you!
C. T.  (Irvine, CA)


上個月我父親因為他那發生在30歲左右的持續慢性腰痛,來到傅醫師診所。之前我們只消極地讓他躺在床上休息。等它過幾天後慢慢變不痛,後來我決定帶他到傅醫師診所,他得到很好的治療。密集(每天一次,持續了一週) 的治療後, 他已經可以回去上班了,傅醫師會三種語言, 他能和我爸爸溝通,讓他了解他的情況及可能的治療計劃。到目前為止他已經快完成他的治療。而一切都進行的很好。我真心推薦有任何身體疼痛時,找傅醫師。他很有可能治好你。

C. T.  (Irvine, CA)