Car Accident Injuries, Neck Pain, Back Pain,

Pain After Neuroma Foot Surgery*

My story begins with a neuroma foot surgery, a weight lifting injury, back-to-back not-at-fault car accidents and a degenerative disc disease diagnosis; and all that at a mere forty years of age. My quest for healing began with my primary care doctor and soon after an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, neither of these doctors seemed interested in giving me sound advice or providing much in the way of details as to what I should and shouldn’t do. In fact, I’m pretty sure the Newport Beach orthopedist was visualizing his golf game two minutes into my appointment.

This prompted my wife and I to talk about alternatives and after receiving a referral we found ourselves at Doctor Fu’s. My wife was experiencing neck pain upon waking up in the morning. Since she isn’t “damaged goods” like yours truly, within a month of treatments Doctor Fu released her.

At my first appointment with Doctor Fu I completed a detailed medical questionnaire including illustrating (on a chart of the human body) the specific sites of my pain. He spent a good deal of time assessing my various issues, discussing the treatments, educating me on how acupuncture works and recommending a treatment plan. In addition, he made recommendations as to what activities I should avoid. This type of communication and guidance continued while I was a patient of his acupuncture center.

Many years ago I worked for an acupuncturist and received a couple of treatments. As a result, I had a vague recollection of what to expect. When I first arrived at Doctor Fu’s three months had passed since my neuroma foot surgery and I was still experiencing pain in my foot and toes due to scar tissue build-up and being a “slow healer”. After receiving acupuncture treatments to my toes and neuroma site I had less pain and discomfort (especially in my toes). Oftentimes I could feel the difference in my toes from one appointment to the next.

The most benefit I received from acupuncture was in the areas of my back and neck. I used traditional methods (i.e. rest, ice, heat, rehab exercises) after the first car accident. This was helping significantly but then the second car accident occurred. Now these same treatments were having a reduced effect in resolving my pain. After only a few weeks of acupuncture treatment my back pain was nearly gone and my neck pain was significantly reduced.

I believe that both Western and Eastern medicine (I’m Caucasian by the way) have their respective places in the world. Clearly acupuncture won’t work miracles when muscles, ligaments or tendons are torn. However, the typical prescribed course of action by medical doctors which includes muscle relaxants (or Motrin), ice and heat are clearly not the “be-all and end-all” and should not be the only options in dealing with soft tissue injuries (i.e. car accidents).

I’d been trying to classify acupuncture when Doctor Fu described it perfectly. He said “acupuncture is somewhere in the middle, between massage therapy at a spa and a visit to a Western medical doctor. He went on to describe it as a “building effect” where the intensity builds and builds until you reach this enlightened and relaxed state.

Bear in mind, it is likely that I required more sessions than the average person. Realistically, the average NFL running back may have fewer injuries than I did when I arrived at Doctor Fu’s door. That being said, I am very thankful that I was referred to Doctor Fu and I’m clearly in a better place today due to the advice and care he provided to me.




我的故事得從足底神經瘤手術開始講起,接著舉重受傷,及連續兩次錯不在我的車禍,還有椎間盤退化性疾病,而這些全部發生在我四十歲之前。我的治療, 從尋求我的初級保健醫生開始,接著是骨科外科醫生,不幸的是,這些醫生,不論哪一個似乎都沒有興趣給我一個合理,明智的建議,或提供我一些〝哪些該做,哪 些該避免〞的這類細節,而且事實上,我很確信 Newport Beach 的骨科醫生在見面後的兩分鐘就開始想他自己的事了。


記得在我第一次到傅醫師的診所,我詳實且具體的填寫我的病歷表,包括我的疼痛的人體位置圖。傅醫師花了相當長的時間,對我的各種問題做一番詳細的評 估分析,對我解說針灸的療效,及建議的治療方案。此外,他還給我一些建議,如哪些動作及活動應該避免。 往後每當我到他針灸診所做治療,他都持續著給我 這類型的關心及指導。

很多年以前,我曾為一個針灸師工作,也接受過幾次的治療,所以我大概有一點概念,知道針灸是怎麼一回事。我第一次到傅醫師診所是在我接受足底神經瘤 手術後三個月,那時我仍苦於因手術疤痕造成腳與腳趾的疼痛,並且復原的速度緩慢。但當我接受傅醫師的針灸治療後,我的腳趾和之前神經瘤位置的疼痛和不適 (尤其是腳趾)已逐漸減輕,幾乎每次的治療 我都可以感覺到它越來越好。

我從針灸受惠最大的是我的背部和頸部的部位。在第一次車禍受傷後,我用傳統的方法(譬如休息,冰敷,熱敷 ,復健鍛鍊)有明顯的幫助。但當接著第二 次車禍發生後,我用 這些方法來解決我的疼痛就效果不佳了。而在幾個星期的針灸治療後,我的背部幾乎不痛了,頸部疼痛也顯著的獲得減輕 。

我個人認為不論西醫或東方醫學(順便提一下,我是白人)在世界有他們各自的領域,也各有所擅。但顯然的,在肌肉,韌帶或肌腱的嚴重撕裂時,針灸不能 創造奇蹟。然而,在處理軟組織損傷上(如車禍),典型醫生所採行的,包括肌肉鬆弛劑,止痛藥,冰敷,熱敷等治療途徑,不應該僅只是 “你應該如此,也只能 如此” 的唯一選擇。

我過去曾試著歸納針灸到底是屬於何種治療類別,一直到當傅醫師很完整的對我描述針灸,他說:針灸治療有點像介於在SPA的按摩治療 和西醫的治療之間。他接著形容說,每次治療均為〝療效的建立〞,如此不斷的累積療效的強度,直到達到復原和放鬆的狀態。








D. E. (Aliso Viejo, CA)