Stubborn Headache, Knee Pain*

Acupuncture has made a positive difference in my life. I first came to Dr. Fu in early 2011 seeking relief from my stubborn headache. Consultation with Dr. Fu was very thorough and comprehensive. I had treatment daily for a month my pains disappear and I could resume life again, pain free. Since then Dr. Fu at Irvine Meridian Acupuncture Health Center have treated me for several different conditions, I am always impressed by his level of professionalism and competence. Last week I hurt my knee so I went to see Dr. Fu again. Dr. Fu is a true healer, he knew just where to stick and for how long to leave needles in, after only a few treatments I was already experiencing a reduction in the frequency and severity of my pain. Thank you for being there, Dr. Fu.
J. H. (Tustin, CA)

頑固性頭痛, 膝蓋痛*

針灸治療改善我的生活。在2011年初,為了治療我長年的頭痛頑疾,我到傅醫師診所尋求幫助,初次的諮詢傅醫師為我做了通盤,整體的病症診察,接著進行一個月的治療,我的頭痛好了,頭不疼了,我的人生重新如此美好。 之後,傅醫師又為我解除了自體其他幾個不同的情況的病症,他精湛專業的醫術,令我印象深刻。上週,我又因為膝蓋受傷登門求診,傅醫師精準的針灸醫術,下針,留針,拔針,幾次的療程,我的疼痛 一次次減輕,感謝傅醫師一再照顧我。

J. H. (Tustin, CA)