I am a basketball fanatic who played the game regularly with friends since my youth. But now that I am in my 50s, my left knee meniscus finally wore out and I could no longer purse my hobby. Having already had 1 surgery to repair the same knee a few years earlier, I decided to pursue a non-invasive treatment – acupuncture.
After some 8mos of therapy – i have recovered. Had I gone more often in early stages, it may have been much faster to complete this regimen. By the way, I couldn’t go as often as i wanted to due to my business schedule but more so because I live in San Diego – yes, myself and my family would rather travel this distance to seek Dr Fu simply because of his effectiveness and skills as a herbalist and acupuncturist, that, and on top of his professionalism and kind support/care offered by his staff. We would drive that far thru crazy I-5 traffic for all of the above!
I am grateful to Dr Fu’s successful work on my injured knee!
J. W. (San Diego, CA)


我是一個籃球迷,從年輕時就常和朋友在一起打球。 但現在的我已五十歲了,左膝蓋半月板終於磨損,只能暫停我的興趣了。 幾年前已經進行過1次膝蓋手術,但這次我決定進行無創(非開刀)治療 – 針灸。

經過6個月療程後,我已經痊癒。 如果我能在初期受傷時多接受治療,那麼這治療療程可能會更快結束。 順便值得一提的是,因為我和我的家人住在聖地亞哥,再加上我的工作時間,使我不能經常的往返診所治療,確實,5號高速公路又是如此的壅塞,但我和我的家人寧可長途求診傅醫師,正是因為作為針灸醫師的他,有精湛醫術、有效開立中藥的技能,和友善的的工作人員。


J. W. (San Diego, CA)