Severe Nasal and Eye Allergies*

I was suffering from severe nasal and eye allergies. I was tired of going to my allergist and having him prescribe stronger and stronger medication with crazy side effects.
Finally, I decided to try acupuncture and randomly came across Dr. Fu from a online search.
Dr. Fu is very professional and shows true concern for helping his patients relieve their conditions. He tries his best to understand his patients needs and is very gentle (especially when you express if you are afraid of needles).
Dr. Fu came from several family generations of acupuncturist and is very knowledgeable in treating different conditions.
Dr. Fu and his team are genuinely the nicest medical staff I have ever came across.
The office is in a nice, very new and extremely clean place. He creates a relaxing atmosphere with the spa music and soft lighting.
I consistently went in twice a week for a few months and noticed a significant improvement with my allergies. The acupuncture treatments made a huge difference treating my allergy problems. I can breathe easier and I don’t have any crazy side effects to deal with. I am so happy I found Dr. Fu  I would definitely recommend any of my friends to him.
K. G.  (Baldwin Park, CA)


我有嚴重的鼻子及眼睛過敏的毛病,我看過敏醫生已經看煩了,他開的處方藥的副作用愈來愈強,我決定去試針灸治療,經由網路搜尋,偶然地找到傅醫師,傅醫師非常專業,且顯現出他真心的關心想要幫助他的病人減輕他的病情,他試著盡全力去解決病人的需求,而且非常溫和 (特別是如果你說你對針很害怕),他來自幾代的針灸醫生世家,他對不同狀況的治療非常了解。
他和他的團隊是我曾經去過的醫生中最友好的一個,他的診所場地非常好,又新而且乾淨,他營造了一個有SPA音樂和柔和燈光的絕佳放鬆的環境  。

K. G.  (Baldwin Park, CA)