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Dr. Chun-Ming Fu is the most well regarded acupuncturist in Irvine. He received the Clinic Award for academic achievement for services provided to his patients. 

“Acupuncture is FDA approved safe & effective for the treatment of pain & recovery from injuries.”

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I was dealing with a severe chase of eczema for almost a year and all western medicine
doctors offered me were steroids and ineffective medications.
I found Dr. Fu on Yelp and started treatment with him immediately. He is the only doctor
who could help treat my condition with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The
key is to be patient and continue the treatment. In chronic and long term diseases you
may not feel the improvement after only 4 or 5 treatments, you need to believe and
continue and soon after you will see amazing results.
His staff are extremely gracious, helpful and accommodating. I completely believe in his
skills and ability and recommend him to anyone who is battling with health issues.
B. J. (Laguna Beach, CA)
Yelp查詢找到了傅醫生並立即開始接受他的治療。 他用針灸和中藥治療我的症狀,也是唯一目前有效幫助我的醫生。 關鍵是要耐心並持續的治療。 對於長期慢性疾病而言,4或5次的治療,你可能感覺不到改善,但你需要相信醫生並持續治療,很快的,你將會看到驚人的結果。
診所的工作人員非常親切,且樂於助人。 我完全相信傅醫生的醫術,並極力推薦他給任何正在與被健康問題困擾的人。

B. J. (Laguna Beach, CA)


有些頭痛的病友會形容:「頭痛痛到想把頭拿下來。」或是「 頭痛痛到想撞牆。」一點都不假。幾乎三十年的頭痛, 吃止痛藥,吃到心裡發毛,不得不轉向傳統醫學, 尋求沒有副作用的治標治本的醫療。前年我曾去看推拿, 很厲害的大陸中醫生幫我一週推拿三次, 她認為我是常年累積的肩頸僵硬,血液循環不良, 讓整個背部硬得像牆似的,她嘗試把多年的鬱結藉著穴位推拿化開- —可是沒用。 從去年十一月引發劇烈的頭痛後,我開始接受針灸治療, 從來沒想過我的頭痛可以根治,在我試過眾多的可行醫療方法後, 遇到一個比我還有耐心的傅醫生,比我更有毅力要把我的頭痛根治好 , 這給了我一道曙光, 逼得我不得不乖乖配合. 在每次的針灸治療中,沿著每一條經絡的每一個穴道, 傅醫師一一的問我:「這裡痛不痛?」這樣的對話要持續多次。光是我的一處太陽穴附近就可以抓出十幾個 痛點, 一一找出痛點,一一扎針。 頭部插完再扎肩頸,正面扎完再扎背連手腳相對位置也要扎針, 效果才更好。頭痛像是到處亂竄的魔鬼,躲躲藏藏, 有時從大穴道迸出狂亂作痛,有時躲在隱匿處隱隱作祟, 今天痛的地方和昨天未必相同,這次痛的地方也不等於上次的痛點, 像是打地鼠的電動一樣,要一一制服它,真的要很大的耐心和信念。傅醫生時時提醒我:「出門不要受風寒,記得要帶帽子或是圍巾, 護住口鼻。」「晚上在戶外泡完SPA ,要記得先擦乾身體,戴上帽子,再包浴袍。」「每天記得要吃藥, 睡覺要注意枕頭的高度,洗完頭髮要吹乾。」傅醫生交代完, 自己一陣苦笑,說:「我好像管家婆ㄟ。」其實我沒有那麼金枝玉葉 ,我是屬於「重症傷殘」的頭痛患者,需要醫生管制和自己多克制, 以免併發。在治療過程中,頭痛的頻率越來越少,症狀越來越輕, 痛的等級也降低了 痛的也時間縮短了 治療次數從每週三次,到每週兩次,到每週一次,一個月一次, 然後終於”畢業”, 真好! 感謝傅醫師。

Thirty Years of Headache


I have some friends with severe headaches and they would say that “my headache is so severe that I want to take my head off” or ” my headache is so severe that I want to hit my head against the wall”. It is the truth. Having taken pain-killers for my headache for almost 30 years, I was so worried about the side effects that I tried to search traditional medicine for help. I looked for a kind of medical treatment that permanently cures this headache with no side effects. Two years ago, I received Tu-Na three times a week from an acupuncturist who came from China. She thought that my headache is caused by back stiffness which is in turn caused by the accumulation of neck and shoulder stiffness. She tried Tu-Na to relax it, but it didn’t help. Last November I had a terrible headache, since then I began to receive acupuncture treatment. I had never thought that my headache could actually be completely cured. After I had already tried all the different medical treatments, I met Dr. Fu who is even more patient than me, who wants to cure my headache even more than me. This let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. So I cooperated with Dr. Fu. During every treatment, Dr. Fu would ask me “does it hurt here?” for every acu point on every meridian. This kind of conversation would repeat numerous times. He found more than 10 pain spots around just the Tai-Yang acu-point. He found the pain spots one by one and did the needling one by one. First the head then the neck; the front then the matching acupoints on the hands and feet to better the results. Headache is like a ever-moving devil. Sometimes hiding in the back and sometimes showing off at the front. Sometimes it is just a little irritant, sometimes it would explode with pain. Today’s pain’s location may not be the same as yesterday’s. It is just like Whack-A-Mole. You have to treat them one by one with a lot of patience and determination. Dr Fu often reminded me “to avoid catching a cold while outside, remember to wear a scarf and protect the mouth and nose”, and “after using the spa at night remember to dry the body first then wear the wool cap and bath robe” “remember to take your herbal medicine everyday and be mindful of the pillow’s height when you are sleeping and to dry your hair after taking a shower” After these reminders Dr. Fu said with a wry smile “I am like a mom talking to her little kids”. Actually I am not that fragile, I just have a really severe case of headaches and need the doctor’s reminders and self-restraint to prevent the headaches from occurring. During the treatment process, the frequency, amount of pain, and duration of the headaches lessened. I went from receiving treatment three times a week to twice a week to once a week and then once a month and finally I “graduated”; so good! Thanks to Dr. Fu .







W.Y. (Irvine, CA)