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Dr. Chun-Ming Fu is a well regarded acupuncturist in Irvine, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Tustin, Mission Viejo and the Orange County, CA area. He received the Clinic Award for academic achievement for best services provided to his patients. 

“He insists on personalizing the acupuncture treatment to each individual’s needs, whether it’s for back pain, or insomnia” 個人化.量身訂做”

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 Stubborn Headache, Knee Pain*

Acupuncture has made a positive difference in my life. I first came to Dr. Fu in early 2011 seeking relief from my stubborn headache. Consultation with Dr. Fu was very thorough and comprehensive. I had treatment daily for a month my pains disappear and I could resume life again, pain free. Since then Dr. Fu at Irvine Meridian Acupuncture Health Center have treated me for several different conditions, I am always impressed by his level of professionalism and competence. Last week I hurt my knee so I went to see Dr. Fu again. Dr. Fu is a true healer, he knew just where to stick and for how long to leave needles in, after only a few treatments I was already experiencing a reduction in the frequency and severity of my pain. Thank you for being there, Dr. Fu.
J. H. (Tustin, CA)

頑固性頭痛, 膝蓋痛*

針灸治療改善我的生活。在2011年初,為了治療我長年的頭痛頑疾,我到傅醫師診所尋求幫助,初次的諮詢傅醫師為我做了通盤,整體的病症診察,接著進行一個月的治療,我的頭痛好了,頭不疼了,我的人生重新如此美好。 之後,傅醫師又為我解除了自體其他幾個不同的情況的病症,他精湛專業的醫術,令我印象深刻。上週,我又因為膝蓋受傷登門求診,傅醫師精準的針灸醫術,下針,留針,拔針,幾次的療程,我的疼痛 一次次減輕,感謝傅醫師一再照顧我。

J. H. (Tustin, CA)

Back Pain, Vertigo*

July 29, 2014
Dear Dr. Fu:
I am writing to express my thanks and my sincere appreciation for the exceptional job you did helping me through a very difficult time.  I came to you suffering from a severe back problem after having tried every other traditional and standard treatment. I am thankful that a friend recommended you as you were my last resort.  Your understanding of my problem and your ability to administer the treatment necessary to minimize my back pain was amazing to me.
 Then I experienced a sever attach of vertigo that left me shaken. I was having trouble recovering from the effects of the condition.
Fortunately for me you were available to treat me.  The treatments helped me recover and got me back to my regular routine.
 All my previous experiences were using Western medicine treatments.  You helped me understand the healing process and how it would be affective for my situation if I had the patience to follow your guidance and allow the process to work.  Your analogy of the “screw half in” proved helpful and true.  Even though I experienced less and less symptoms, the process needed to be completed for a full recovery.  If the screw is left only half in it will become loose and the problems will reoccur.
Again, thank you for your skill and caring. I will always be grateful.
Best regards.
J. S. (Irvine, CA)

背痛, 暈眩症*








J. S. (Irvine, CA)