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Testimonials for Irvine Acupuncturist Dr. Chun-Ming Fu

(patients’ full name are shortened to initials here for patients’ confidentiality.)

We speak both Chinese and English. We have provided Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese translations for every testimonial.

 Eye Stroke*

About 6 months ago I lost the sight in my right eye because of blood loss due to sleep apnea. I was told there was nothing I could do, treatment-wise. I read that this eye problem frequently responds to acupuncture. I called Dr Fu after reading his biography and after 5 months of intensive treatments, I have just been tested at 20/40 in the damaged eye by my ophthalmologist. I have never met a more caring, intelligent and thoughtful physician then Dr Fu. I credit him with saving my vision and it continues to get better.
T. C. (Mission Viejo, CA)person.



大約6個月前,由於睡眠呼吸中止症導致失血,造成我的右眼失明。 我被告知無法做任何有效的治療。 我讀到,這種眼疾經常在針灸治療上有好的效果。 看傅醫師的傳記後,我給傅醫生打了電話,經過5個月的強化治療,我的眼科醫生剛剛對我受損的眼睛進行了視力檢查,結果視力已經恢復到20/40。 我再沒有見過比傅醫生更貼心,聰明和周到的醫生。 我相信他可以挽救我的視力,而且視力會不斷改善。

Lost Sense of Smell and Taste*

I’m simply thrilled with the results from Dr. Fu and his great staff. I had lost my sense of smell and taste about seven months ago and after 2 months of treatment with Doctor Fu I’m starting to see wonderful results. I’m so glad I found him.
D. B. (Costa Mesa, CA)


從傅醫生和他的優秀團隊得到的治療效果是如此的令我振奮。 大約七個月前,我失去了嗅覺和味覺,在接受傅醫生治療2個月後,我開始看到奇妙的效果。 我很高興我找到了他。

Vertigo & Pains*

Dr. Zhong has been treating me with acupuncture for close to a year now. I have had ongoing vertigo, digestion issues, and muscle/joint pains. Every time I leave an appointment I am in a much better state, both mentally and physically. Dr Zhong is beyond knowledgeable when it comes to healing. She takes the most practical & rational route to naturally cure the body & mind.
Most importantly, she takes ample time to listen to your issues and gives wonderful advice on how to adjust accordingly. Every session is a success!

P. B. (L.A., CA)


鐘醫師對我提供治療已經近一年了。我並發症眩暈症,消化系統疾病和肌肉關節疼痛等。每次治療離開時,我身體都感覺進入更佳的境界。鐘醫師在醫學方面博學多 識。她總能夠採取最實用和理性地天然療法,治療身體和精神。更重要的事,她總是給與足夠的時間聆聽你關注的問題,給你好的建議,踩你調整自己。每 次治療都是一次成功。

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I highly recommend Dr. Fu if you want to try acupuncture. I was struggling to get pregnant for two years. The infertility specialist diagnosed me as unexplained infertility. I was skeptical of acupuncture before, but at that moment I decided to give a try. Dr. Fu is very professional, knowledgeable and patient. He answered my every question thoroughly and suggested the diet to get my body ready for pregnancy. After four months’ treatment and taking herbs, I became pregnant. I very appreciate Dr. Fu’s effort and his encouragement. Now I want to have the second child, and come back for the treatment. His staff are super friendly and quick to arrange the appointment. The office is very clean and I feel very relaxed during the treatment.

M. Z. (Irvine, CA)


如果您想嘗試針灸,我強烈推薦傅醫生。 兩年的時間我嘗試努力懷孕。 不孕症專家將我診斷為無法解釋的不孕症。 我以前對針灸持懷疑態度,但那一刻我決定嘗試一下。 傅醫生非常專業,知識淵博,有耐心。 他徹底回答了我的每個問題,並建議飲食以使我的身體準備懷孕。 經過四個月的治療並服用中藥,我懷孕了。 我非常感謝傅醫生的努力和鼓勵。 現在我想生第二個孩子,所以再次回來接受治療。 他診所的工作人員非常友好,並且快速安排約診。 診所很乾淨,而且在治療期間我感到非常放鬆。



I was dealing with a severe chase of eczema for almost a year and all western medicine
doctors offered me were steroids and ineffective medications.
I found Dr. Fu on Yelp and started treatment with him immediately. He is the only doctor
who could help treat my condition with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The
key is to be patient and continue the treatment. In chronic and long term diseases you
may not feel the improvement after only 4 or 5 treatments, you need to believe and
continue and soon after you will see amazing results.
His staff are extremely gracious, helpful and accommodating. I completely believe in his
skills and ability and recommend him to anyone who is battling with health issues.

B. J. (Laguna Beach, CA)



Yelp查詢找到了傅醫生並立即開始接受他的治療。 他用針灸和中藥治療我的症狀,也是唯一目前有效幫助我的醫生。 關鍵是要耐心並持續的治療。 對於長期慢性疾病而言,4或5次的治療,你可能感覺不到改善,但你需要相信醫生並持續治療,很快的,你將會看到驚人的結果。
診所的工作人員非常親切,且樂於助人。 我完全相信傅醫生的醫術,並極力推薦他給任何正在與被健康問題困擾的人。


六月某日耳朵發炎,痛到無法睡眠,看了Urgent Care後有些幫助,但是耳朵疼痛仍難以入睡,約過了一周後突然發現左眼睛無法閉起來,左邊額頭抬頭紋不見了,微笑時,左半臉部肌肉無力,嘴角完全牽扯到右邊。當時並不知道是怎麼了,星期日先去看急診,醫師診斷是面癱,並開了藥給我服用,星期一我又去看了耳鼻喉科醫生,得到同樣的診斷結果。吃西藥後耳朵的疼痛就逐漸消失了,但是面癱情形並沒有太大的改善,讓我非常擔心。病情拖延一週,又到了星期五,太太提及台灣的一些經驗,很多面癱的人用針灸治療有很好的效果,不妨試試看,於是請她幫我找個醫生。她說朋友推薦傅醫生。
C. P. (Mission Viejo, CA)

Bell’s palsy*


One day in June my ear got infected. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep. Visiting urgent care helped a little bit, but I still had difficulty falling asleep. About a week later, I suddenly couldn’t shut my left eye and the creases on my left forehead disappeared. When I tried to smile, the left half of my facial muscles had no strength and my mouth was skewed to the right. I didn’t know what was going on. On Sunday, I went to the ER and the doctor said it was Bell’s palsy and prescribed some meds. On Monday, I went to an ear, nose, and throat doctor and he gave the same diagnosis. After taking the meds, the ear infection gradually went away, but the Bell’s palsy didn’t improve much. This made me worried. A week later, on Friday, my wife mentioned that in Taiwan, acupuncture has been really effective for Bell’s palsy. She suggested that I might as well give it a shot. A friend recommended Dr. Fu.
When making my appointment, the front desk gave me a slot right away because it was palsy. Dr. Fu’s clinic was very comfortable, and he was a great person. During consultation, he thoroughly explained Bell’s palsy and the treatment plan. After a month of intensive treatment, the recovery has gone well. I can now close my eye. And while my facial muscles are still somewhat weak, you can’t tell from the outside. You can say that western medicine focuses on preventing symptoms from deteriorating with different drugs. It takes a long time to recover and oftentimes there would be permanent side-effects. Acupuncture was effective in a short amount of time for Bell’s palsy. The recovery was exceptional. I would recommend Bell’s palsy patients to utilize acupuncture.

Knee Pain*

I am a basketball fanatic who played the game regularly with friends since my youth. But now that I am in my 50s, my left knee meniscus finally wore out and I could no longer purse my hobby. Having already had 1 surgery to repair the same knee a few years earlier, I decided to pursue a non-invasive treatment – acupuncture.
After some 8mos of therapy – i have recovered. Had I gone more often in early stages, it may have been much faster to complete this regimen. By the way, I couldn’t go as often as i wanted to due to my business schedule but more so because I live in San Diego – yes, myself and my family would rather travel this distance to seek Dr Fu simply because of his effectiveness and skills as a herbalist and acupuncturist, that, and on top of his professionalism and kind support/care offered by his staff. We would drive that far thru crazy I-5 traffic for all of the above!
I am grateful to Dr Fu’s successful work on my injured knee!
J. W. (San Diego, CA)


我是一個籃球迷,從年輕時就常和朋友在一起打球。 但現在的我已五十歲了,左膝蓋半月板終於磨損,只能暫停我的興趣了。 幾年前已經進行過1次膝蓋手術,但這次我決定進行無創(非開刀)治療 – 針灸。

經過6個月療程後,我已經痊癒。 如果我能在初期受傷時多接受治療,那麼這治療療程可能會更快結束。 順便值得一提的是,因為我和我的家人住在聖地亞哥,再加上我的工作時間,使我不能經常的往返診所治療,確實,5號高速公路又是如此的壅塞,但我和我的家人寧可長途求診傅醫師,正是因為作為針灸醫師的他,有精湛醫術、有效開立中藥的技能,和友善的的工作人員。



PMS, Period Cramps, Endometriosis*

I came to Dr. Fu from a referral from a friend who had experienced great success with him in managing her pain that comes with having endometriosis. I too have always suffered with horrible and debilitating pain from my periods my whole life. The only option that was given to me was birth control pills. Unfortunately, just like many other pharmaceutical drugs there are always side effects with them. Plus I did not want to be on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life and it wasn’t helping my pain that much anyway.
Fast forward to after the birth of my first daughter. After I had her and my periods came back, they were as painful as ever. What was worse is that I suffered from horrible ovulation pain as well. My abdomen would swell up so big and I would basically be cramping and in pain from ovulation until my period. Basically I was in extreme pain for 2 weeks out of the month.
When I went to see my OB to figure out why I had all this pain she saw 2 chocolate cysts on my ultrasound and pointed to endometriosis. I was devastated. To think that I would be in pain for half the month every month was so hard for me to accept. My OB had mentioned surgery but since I was trying to get pregnant with my second baby that was not an option for now.
Also, what I figured out is that because I was on the pill for so long it suppresses ovulation so I never knew I suffered from ovulation pain too! But now that I was trying to get pregnant again, the pill was not an option.
So i suffered every month until I finally got pregnant again and didn’t have periods for a whole year. Fast forward again to after having my second baby. I was so scared and sad when I got my first post partem period because I did not want to suffer for 2 weeks out of the month again! By luck my friend told me about Dr. Fu and I made an appointment right away.
It has now been 6 months since I see him for my weekly treatments. I can honestly say I do not suffer from any pain anymore! I don’t have to stay in bed or even take an Advil which is HUGE for me. I don’t even suffer from PMS. I literally go through the entire month pain free and wake up and get my period. This has never happened my entire life. Dr. Fu is simply amazing, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for PMS relief or relief from endometriosis. I am not on the pill and will never do a surgery because of how well I have responded to his method of acupuncture in treating my endometrial pain. He helped me tremendously as well as my friend who referred me to him.
His staff is also so sweet and friendly and his office is very nice and clean.
Please go see him, you won’t regret it as he really is the best!

Thank you,
R. S. (Irvine, CA)





Ringing In The Ear*

When I went to bed every night, I had a ringing in the ear . I went to Dr. Fu and after a few sessions, the ringing went away! It’s been 2 years and still problem free. I’ve continued to see him for other ailments over the years. His technique is superb. I’ve been to many acupuncturists before Dr. Fu and have concluded that Dr. Fu is truly the best.

C.K. (Irvine, CA)



每當晚上睡覺時,總會聽到耳鳴聲, 去了傅醫師診所,經過幾個療程,耳鳴不再出現了! 直到現在已經過了2年,耳鳴沒有再復發。多年以來,傅醫師一直照顧著我其他病痛需求。 他的醫術很棒。沒遇到傅醫師前,也曾看過許多其他的針灸醫師,但傅醫師真的是最好的。




我是位80歲的老人,不幸也很幸運的,這時肩膀痛到抬不起頭来,所以去看医生。我先去看西醫,注射類固醇(可體松),剛開始有效,但是過個禮拜後就没有效了。後來西醫說,你這個没有辦法治療,他建議我去做物理治療,我一次都没去,因為我覺得那是強势將受傷關節拉開,所以我拒絕去。 之後遇到傅醫師診斷出來是五十肩(這時我笑起来说這是八十肩不是五十肩吧?!)。從那時候開始在傅醫師细心照顧下,一步一步的進步。以我對傅醫師的信心,加上我自己的自律心,就是說,病人和醫生中間互相尊重,有相互的信心、信任,在這種情況之下,我盡量聽從醫師的指示,醫生也願意針對我的身體需求作調整。而身為病人,在看病的時侯,我盡量將痛的位置,很正確的告訴醫生,然後他再決定在那個地方下針,傅醫生會用他那很奇妙獨特的手法,藉由他微妙的醫術,與耐心的醫德,再加上我這個病人配合,在每次針灸之後,努力去做些柔和的運動,來配合這個效果,果然相得益彰,我這「八十肩」恢復的很快。 我曾經痛到這個手臂無法抬起來,也無法向後伸展,然而現在情況是在很短的時間,在很有效配合情况下,幾乎完全好了。因為我相信中醫是天然,有效的治療方法,可以把五十肩痛的地方慢慢的解開,再加上自己柔和的運動,我現在作個見証,實實在在希望大家能夠受益,遇到這種情況,針灸有它妙不可言之處。

J. H. (Laguna Woods, CA)  口述

Frozen Shoulder*

Transcribed from oral testimony:

I’m an 80 year old senior. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, my shoulder pain was so bad that I couldn’t even lift my arm, so I had to go the doctors. First, I tried Western medicine. Cortisone shots were effective at first, but then lost their effectiveness after a few weeks. After that the Western doctor said the pain was un-treatable and suggested physical therapy. I refused to do physical therapy, because I felt what PT does is to unnaturally force the injured joint to loosen. So I didn’t even go once.

Later, when I visited Dr. Fu, he diagnosed the pain as frozen shoulder. Since then, under Dr. Fu’s meticulous care, it’s improved steadily. With my trust in Dr. Fu and my own discipline (and there was this mutual respect between patient and doctor), under these conditions, I did my best and followed the doctor’s instructions and the doctor was willing to adjust his treatment base on my body’s response to acupuncture. During treatments, I did my best to accurately point out where my pain spots are. Then the doctor would decide where to put the needles. His intriguing and unique medical techniques combined with my cooperation as the patient (I diligently worked on the recovery exercises) led to obvious results and my frozen shoulder recovered quickly. I was once in so much pain that I couldn’t lift my arm up or extend it backwards. But now in a short amount of time, with this productive mutual effort, it has almost completely recovered.

I believe that Chinese Medicine, along with my effort doing the assigned recovery exercises, is a natural and effective treatment method that can slowly loosen the tightness of the frozen shoulder. I can confirm the power of acupuncture and hope everyone can benefit from it. With troublesome situations such as mine, the result that acupuncture brings is indescribable and amazing.



Severe Stomach Pain*

The first time I went to see Dr. Fu at the Meridian Health Center was several weeks after I had revision hip surgery on my left hip. During my recovery from hip surgery I began to have excruciating pain in my stomach.  The stomach pain persisted for several weeks until I went to the emergency room at the hospital to be admitted.  I was admitted and spent five days in the hospital where they put me through a battery of tests to determine the origin of my pain.  After five days in the hospital they could not diagnosis the cause of my pain, so they sent me home with same stomach pain that I had when I was admitted, along with a prescription for another pain medication.  Several days after I returned home, my wife figured out what the problem was.  The cause of the stomach pain was a side effect of withdrawal from the pain medication they gave me for my hip. My wife suggested that I contact Dr. Fu at Meridian Health Center.  During my first visit with Dr. Fu we discussed my health history, as well as my current health issue, my severe stomach pain.  I had lost 16 pounds, was unable to sleep or eat, frequent urination, anxiety and depression.  Dr. Fu outlined a treatment plan that included acupuncture, along with daily supplements of Chinese herbs.

After a series of regular treatments, my stomach pain is gone, I am gaining my weight back and feel like normal again.  I attribute my recovery to the program Dr. Fu developed for me.  He is currently treating me for another health issue.


F. C. (Mission Viejo, CA)

October 7, 2014



第一次去看爾灣經絡中醫診所的傅醫師是在我的左臀部動了髖關節手術幾個星期後,從髖關節手術的恢復期,我的胃開始有劇烈難以忍受的疼痛 。胃部疼痛持續了好幾個星期,直到我去了醫院急診室,並且被留了下來。我在醫院待了五天,他們藉由一系列的檢查,以找尋我的疼痛的根源。在五天之後,醫院仍然無法診斷我的疼痛的原因,所以他們給了我另一種處方止痛藥,然後讓我仍然帶著和我入院前同樣的胃痛回到家裡。幾天後,我的妻子想通了這個問題,我的胃痛的原因是他們給我的臀部手術的止痛藥的副作用。 我妻子建議我去找爾灣經絡中醫診所的傅醫師。在我與傅醫師第一次見面時,我們討論了我的病史,以及我目前的問題 – 劇烈的胃疼。我已經瘦了16斤,無法入睡或進食,尿頻,焦慮和抑鬱。傅醫師設計了包括針灸,及每日服用中藥(註:科學中藥粉)的治療計劃。


Dolor Espalda*

Hace un par de semanas inicié el tratamiento de acupuntura con el Dr. Chun-Ming Fu y realmente he quedado sorprendida y contenta con los resultados. Ahora mi dolor de espalda ha desaparecido por completo. Esto ha repercutido en mi estado de salud física y emocional. Recomiendo este tratamiento al 100%.

K. G. (Irvine, CA)

 Back Pain*


It’s been a couple of weeks since I started acupuncture treatment with Dr. Chun-Ming Fu and I’ve really been surprised and pleased with the results. Now my back pain has completely disappeared. This has greatly improved my physical and emotional health. I 100% recommend this treatment.






Back Pain, Vertigo*

July 29, 2014
Dear Dr. Fu:
I am writing to express my thanks and my sincere appreciation for the exceptional job you did helping me through a very difficult time.  I came to you suffering from a severe back problem after having tried every other traditional and standard treatment. I am thankful that a friend recommended you as you were my last resort.  Your understanding of my problem and your ability to administer the treatment necessary to minimize my back pain was amazing to me.
 Then I experienced a sever attach of vertigo that left me shaken. I was having trouble recovering from the effects of the condition.
Fortunately for me you were available to treat me.  The treatments helped me recover and got me back to my regular routine.
 All my previous experiences were using Western medicine treatments.  You helped me understand the healing process and how it would be affective for my situation if I had the patience to follow your guidance and allow the process to work.  Your analogy of the “screw half in” proved helpful and true.  Even though I experienced less and less symptoms, the process needed to be completed for a full recovery.  If the screw is left only half in it will become loose and the problems will reoccur.
Again, thank you for your skill and caring. I will always be grateful.
Best regards.
J. S. (Irvine, CA)

背痛, 暈眩症*



多囊卵巢綜合症, 不孕*

我今年 37 歲,和先生結婚三年多一直渴望有孩子但卻始終無法懷孕。 我們也曾做過許多不孕症檢查,也吃過排卵藥,但一直沒有很好的效果。後來我發現罹患了子宮肌瘤合併排卵不正常,我始終認為問題不大不以為意;直到有位醫生告訴我排卵不正常引發子宮內膜息肉增生,並告知我可能有多囊卵巢綜合症,在加上子宮肌瘤因素,也許是我無法受孕的主因。醫生甚至告訴我這樣的身體狀況要受孕非常困難。這對非常想要孩子的我而言無疑是晴天霹靂﹗於是我先接受了子宮鏡手術去除內膜息肉,然而手術後我卻仍必須再服用長時間高劑量黃體素的治療。那時我真的覺得非常沮喪,因為我質疑身體何時才能恢復健康,更遑論會有懷孕的可能。就在當時我看見網路上有許多人推薦傅醫師的針灸。我從未接受過針灸,但我相信針灸加上中藥的治療對我應該會有幫助。後來我真的覺得非常幸運能夠接受傅醫師的治療,他是位非常有耐性且具備醫術與醫德的好醫師。他花了很長時間細心了解我的病因,並告訴我因為我的情況比較複雜,所以要有耐心一步步慢慢來。每回治療他總是會細心把脈訊問我的狀況,並且以廣博的學養一一為我解答心中的疑惑。雖然我一直很想懷孕,他卻安慰我讓我放鬆心情,先對症下藥調整我的病因,才能對受孕有所幫助。在他細心且全面的治療下,我每回接受針灸後身體總能感覺特別的放鬆,心情也不再緊張。我不再因為急著想懷孕而讓自己承受很大的壓力,因為我知道接受傅醫師的治療對我的身體會有很大的幫助。傅醫師的療程有非常全面的計畫,而且隨著身體狀況的改善及女性生理週期的變化而開方。就在這樣放鬆無壓力的過程中,經過五個多月的治療後竟發現原本被西醫認定很難受孕的我,自然懷孕了!!我與先生欣喜若狂,更非常感謝傅醫師對我們的幫助。而傅醫師在得知我懷孕後,更細心的調整我治療的方向為我安胎,讓我能夠穩定下來且順利度過不舒服的懷孕初期。我們真的非常感謝傅醫師及所有診所醫護人員的幫助,幫我們順利達成多年的求子夢。曾經我對懷孕感到無盡的沮喪,甚至考慮要接受人工生殖,但接受傅醫師的針灸治療後,不僅身體狀況有所改善也順利懷孕。所以我真的想向和我一樣受過不孕之苦的婦女們推薦傅醫師,不僅因為他醫術高明,更重要的他能夠視病如親站在病人的角度,為病人規劃完整的醫療計畫,真的是一位具備仁心仁術的好醫生!!

Y.H. L.  (Irvine, CA)

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Infertility*


I am a 37 years old woman and married for three years now.  My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over years.  After trying ovulation stimulator with no results and undergo few infertility test, I was told that I have Hysteromyoma and my ovulation was abnormal. As time went on, my symptoms got worsened. I began to realize that I have overlooked my ovulation problem and the abnormal activity has induced endometrial polyps build up in my body, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome which might be the major cause of my infertility.  My OB advised me if my health condition persisted then having children would be very difficult. I was really shocked and felt very sad since I really want to have a baby.  I took the advice of my doctor and receive a laparoscopic surgical procedure to remove endometrial polyps.  After the surgery, I was placed on progesterone for a period of time. I felt very depressed and worry since this treatment did not seem an acceptable option for us and a complete recovery may take rather a long time.  Just then, I was introduced to Dr. Fu’s acupuncture and clinic from the website. I’ve never receive any acupuncture treatment before.  But in my mind I felt the acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine might help my condition.   I was very glad to meet Dr. Fu as he is a very patient doctor and has extensive knowledge about acupuncture.  He made everything clear and easy to understand.  For the first consultation, Dr. Fu took time to check my pulse, understand my health condition and get to the root of the problem.  He then explained what the treatments were supposed to be doing for me and what he was focusing on in my particular case.  He also informed me that the treatment might take few months.   I started seeing him for acupuncture treatment every week for five months.  I was surprised that the acupuncture did not hurt, and was actually very relaxing.   Although I really want to get pregnant at the time, the treatment helps me not to think about pregnancy but for the cause of gaining a good health.  Through the whole process, Dr. Fu was supportive, kind, and nonjudgmental. He worked with me and made me comfortable and his optimism and encouragement kept us from giving up.  Dr. Fu really treats his patient like a family member and provides a well planned treatment to help patient gains optimal result.  When he prescribed Chinese medicine, he made adjustment periodically according to my health condition.  Under his care for five months, I got pregnant!   My husband and I were very happy.  I continued to see Dr. Fu and I had a wonderful pregnancy with no discomfort or any other pregnancy symptoms. I will always be grateful to Dr. Fu and his staffs for helping me to improve my health and also making my dream come true of being a mom! I would highly recommend Dr. Fu and his clinic to people who suffered from infertility.



Bilateral Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis (De Quervain’s Syndrome)*

I have been suffering pain at my wrists since October 2012. The onset of the pain was gradual, first my right wrist, then both sides, and then  constant and increasingly severe. Being a health professional myself, I typically do not seek medical care until my condition is very severe. In December 2012 when the pain became unbearable, I went to my primary internist and received a diagnosis of wrist tendinitis. Then when rest, splinting and Ibuprofen did not help and nodules began to grow out on my thumb/wrist joints bilaterally, I went to a physiatrist on 1/11/13, who refined the diagnosis to be Bilateral Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis (De Quervain’s Syndrome). Two subsequent weeks of bialateral thumb/wrist spica splinting (23/24 hours daily) again brought no relief and the constant pain was excruciating. At that point I said to myself: “Whom am I kidding? I am going for acupunture!”

Through my sister who received successful acupuncture treatment for her carpal tunnel syndrome from Dr. Fu, I knew about him. I saw Dr. Fu at the Irvine Meridian Acupuncture Health Center for the first time on 1/31/13, and this past Friday (2/15/13) I had my 9th acupuncture treatment session. I, for one, can attest to Dr. Fu’s gentle, holistic approach, thoroughness in his evaluation and counseling, and remarkable effectiveness in his treatment. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most severe, my pain was off-the-scale in severity before where nothing helped, but it is now at 8. My bilateral thumb/wrist joint nodules which had grown to the size of a large plump pea have shrunken by 1/2 on the left and by 3/4 on the right. With such pain from any motion of the thumbs/wrists, I had lost my ability to carry out even the basic activities of daily living, but now with carefulness I can begin to dress myself and clean myself again. Dr. Fu’s acupunture is the only treatment that has offered me relief with my bilateral De Quervain’s condition.

Not only Dr. Fu but also his team members are all pleasant, friendly and very helpful. The ambiance in Dr. Fu’s office is very soothing. From the paintings and decorations on the wall, the relaxing music coming through the audio system, to even the paint they chose for the walls in the waiting and treatment rooms – all reflect the great professional orientation of this office toward patient comfort and the artistic touch of the super helpful Office Manager.

I understand that Dr. Fu comes from a family of well trained Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists, and that his family is recognized by peers for developing unique acupuncture treatment techniques. However, his family background and his credentials are not my motivation for writing this review. What inspires me and most appreciative to me is that this is an acupuncturist who genuinely cares about his patients, takes the time to explain things to you, is extremely careful and conscientious, demonstrates remarkable professionalism and craftsmanship, and makes your healing his priority. Dr. Fu indeed is the best acupunture provider I have ever experienced.

I know I have a long way to go in healing. Nonetheless, I am confident that with continued treatment from Dr. Fu, I will have full recovery.

G.F. (Laguna Woods, CA)



翻譯  (由作者本人口譯) :

我手腕的疼痛是從2012年10月開始的,起先比較緩慢﹐先是右腕、而後二邊, 然後日益嚴重﹐疼痛愈加。身為一個專業的醫療人員,除非情況已經非常嚴重,否則我是不會去求醫的。2012年12月中,在痛苦不堪的情況下,去見了我的主治醫生,她的診斷是手腕肌腱炎, 治療方式是休息、使用固定夾板和服用止痛藥。一個月下來,這些都絲毫無效,甚至兩邊拇指和手腕之間的關節都長出結節,終日痛苦萬分。2013年1月11日,我終於去看了復健專科醫師,正確的診斷是雙側橈骨莖突腱鞘炎(狄魁文綜合症)。之後的兩個星期,幾乎是每天24小時,我的雙腕都固定在人字夾板中,但是仍然疼痛無比,無法忍受。在這時候,我對自己說:我這是在跟誰開玩笑?我要去針灸!”


不僅傅醫師,連他診所的其他成員都十分友善,非常熱忱!傅醫師診所的佈置,令人感覺十分舒適溫馨,從牆上的壁畫和裝飾,到音響系統輕傾輕傳出的音樂,甚至候診廳和治療室牆壁油漆的選擇,都讓人有一種溫暖的感覺,易於鬆懈緊張的心情。  這一切,都讓人看出這個診所是以病人的舒適為作業 前提,也可看出診所經理藝術的修養和幫助病人的用心。






每次往返於台灣和美國之間總要受盡調整時差的折騰,每每凌晨就醒來無法再入睡,快傍晚又睏死了,而且愈老愈厳重,但又不想靠吃退黑激素來解決。去年朋友介紹傅醫師有辦法幫忙解決這問題,我將信將疑姑且一試。 早上去針灸後,沒想到居然一直到晚上正常入眠。這樣持續針了三天,一切作息完全恢復正常,完全沒時差,太好了!

M. K.  (Lake Forest, CA)

Jet lag ( Jet fatigue, Jet  syndrome)*


Jet lag  from traveling back and forth between US and Taiwan had always troubled me. I would wake up early and be unable to fall back asleep.  In evenings I would be tired and sleepy The condition had been getting worse as I get older and I also don’t want to rely on Melatonin. Last year a friend recommended Dr. Fu and I decided to give it a try.  After the acupunture treatment in the morning I was able to sleep at night. The treatments continued for three days and I was rid of jet lag.

Now I see Dr. Fu when I am in US and Dr. Fu’s brother when I go back to Taiwan.  Now when I travel between US and Taiwan I can work right away without being trouble jet lag.


Severe Nasal and Eye Allergies*

I was suffering from severe nasal and eye allergies. I was tired of going to my allergist and having him prescribe stronger and stronger medication with crazy side effects.
Finally, I decided to try acupuncture and randomly came across Dr. Fu from a online search.
Dr. Fu is very professional and shows true concern for helping his patients relieve their conditions. He tries his best to understand his patients needs and is very gentle (especially when you express if you are afraid of needles).
Dr. Fu came from several family generations of acupuncturist and is very knowledgeable in treating different conditions.
Dr. Fu and his team are genuinely the nicest medical staff I have ever came across.
The office is in a nice, very new and extremely clean place. He creates a relaxing atmosphere with the spa music and soft lighting.
I consistently went in twice a week for a few months and noticed a significant improvement with my allergies. The acupuncture treatments made a huge difference treating my allergy problems. I can breathe easier and I don’t have any crazy side effects to deal with. I am so happy I found Dr. Fu 🙂
I would definitely recommend any of my friends to him.

K. G.  (Baldwin Park, CA)



我有嚴重的鼻子及眼睛過敏的毛病,我看過敏醫生已經看煩了,他開的處方藥的副作用愈來愈強,我決定去試針灸治療,經由網路搜尋,偶然地找到傅醫師,傅醫師非常專業,且顯現出他真心的關心想要幫助他的病人減輕他的病情,他試著盡全力去解決病人的需求,而且非常溫和 (特別是如果你說你對針很害怕),他來自幾代的針灸醫生世家,他對不同狀況的治療非常了解。

他和他的團隊是我曾經去過的醫生中最友好的一個,他的診所場地非常好,又新而且乾淨,他營造了一個有SPA音樂和柔和燈光的絕佳放鬆的環境  。


Acute Back Pain*

Dr. Fu and his staff were very helpful, compassionate and professional when I came to their office with acute back pain. First and foremost, my back pain is gone! I was so impressed with Dr. Fu’s throughness with my treatments. He was very attentive and responsive to my pain. My treatments were scheduled in accomodation with my work schedule. His office staff is so friendly and very helpful with insurance billing. I have been satisfied with other Acupuncturists, but now will only return to Dr. Fu for any other treatments. I highly recommend Dr Fu to my family and friends.

A. C. (Fountain Valley, CA)



當我因為是急性背痛,到傅醫師診所時,他和他的職員是如此的熱忱 , 友善而且專業。第一點也是最重要的一點,我的背痛好了,我對傅醫師的治療方式印象深刻,而我的治療門診時間總是被安排燼量配合我的工作時間,診所的櫃台人員非常友善地協助我處理我的保險帳單。我以前也看過還不錯的針灸師,但現在我只想找傅醫師,我極力推薦傅醫師給我的家人及朋友。

Chronic Back Pain*

Last month, my father (56) came to Dr. Fu because of a chronic backpain that persisted since he was around 30. When we finally decided to do something about his backpain instead of just letting him rest in bed for days for the pains to subside, I brought him to Dr. Fu. My father received great care and was given intensive treatment schedule (once a day for a whole week) before he could return to work. Dr. Fu was trilingual and was able to communicate with my father, letting my father understand his conditions and possible treatment plans. My father is on his way to complete the entire treatment process, and so far, there hasn’t been any complaints! I would totally suggest people to come to Dr. Fu for any bodily pains they have becuase, more likely than not, Dr. Fu will cure you!

C. T.  (Irvine, CA)



上個月我父親因為他那發生在30歲左右的持續慢性腰痛,來到傅醫師診所。之前我們只消極地讓他躺在床上休息。等它過幾天後慢慢變不痛,後來我決定帶他到傅醫師診所,他得到很好的治療。密集(每天一次,持續了一週) 的治療後, 他已經可以回去上班了,傅醫師會三種語言, 他能和我爸爸溝通,讓他了解他的情況及可能的治療計劃。到目前為止他已經快完成他的治療。而一切都進行的很好。我真心推薦有任何身體疼痛時,找傅醫師。他很有可能治好你。



I was suffering from eczema when I came to seek help from Dr. Fu.  I had gone to see two dermatologists who both prescribed medications that would have severe side effects.  Dr. Fu, however, treated me with acupuncture and ear seeds, which does not have any side effects. Thanks to Dr. Fu, this condition which has bothered me for over two months has finally started to come to an end.

A. K. (Irvine, CA)



當我之前濕疹發作的時候,我到傅醫生那兒尋求幫助。 在此之前我曾看過兩個皮膚科醫生,他們都開給我會有很強副作用的葯。 但是傅醫生不同,他用針灸,耳針和中葯,這些沒有副作用的方法來治療,感謝傅醫生終於替我解決這個困擾兩個多月的問題。


 Stubborn Headache, Knee Pain* 

Acupuncture has made a positive difference in my life. I first came to Dr. Fu in early 2011 seeking relief from my stubborn headache. Consultation with Dr. Fu was very thorough and comprehensive. I had treatment daily for a month my pains disappear and I could resume life again, pain free. Since then Dr. Fu at Irvine Meridian Acupuncture Health Center have treated me for several different conditions, I am always impressed by his level of professionalism and competence. Last week I hurt my knee so I went to see Dr. Fu again. Dr. Fu is a true healer, he knew just where to stick and for how long to leave needles in, after only a few treatments I was already experiencing a reduction in the frequency and severity of my pain. Thank you for being there, Dr. Fu.

J. H. (Tustin, CA)

頑固性頭痛, 膝蓋痛*


針灸治療改善我的生活。在2011年初,為了治療我長年的頭痛頑疾,我到傅醫師診所尋求幫助,初次的諮詢傅醫師為我做了通盤,整體的病症診察,接著進行一個月的治療,我的頭痛好了,頭不疼了,我的人生重新如此美好。 之後,傅醫師又為我解除了自體其他幾個不同的情況的病症,他精湛專業的醫術,令我印象深刻。上週,我又因為膝蓋受傷登門求診,傅醫師精準的針灸醫術,下針,留針,拔針,幾次的療程,我的疼痛 一次次減輕,感謝傅醫師一再照顧我。



Hearing Loss*

Dr. Fu has helped me very successful with three different health situations. The latest has been with my ears which become closed and feeling “full” after having a bad cold, It did take two weeks of daily hour healings but my ears began to feel better right away. I highly recommend trying acupuncture for many health situations because with trained hands. The healing takes place from with your own body.

A. V. (Newport Beach, Ca)





Car Accident Injuries, Neck Pain, Back Pain,

Pain After Neuroma Foot Surgery*

My story begins with a neuroma foot surgery, a weight lifting injury, back-to-back not-at-fault car accidents and a degenerative disc disease diagnosis; and all that at a mere forty years of age. My quest for healing began with my primary care doctor and soon after an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, neither of these doctors seemed interested in giving me sound advice or providing much in the way of details as to what I should and shouldn’t do. In fact, I’m pretty sure the Newport Beach orthopedist was visualizing his golf game two minutes into my appointment.

This prompted my wife and I to talk about alternatives and after receiving a referral we found ourselves at Doctor Fu’s. My wife was experiencing neck pain upon waking up in the morning. Since she isn’t “damaged goods” like yours truly, within a month of treatments Doctor Fu released her.

At my first appointment with Doctor Fu I completed a detailed medical questionnaire including illustrating (on a chart of the human body) the specific sites of my pain. He spent a good deal of time assessing my various issues, discussing the treatments, educating me on how acupuncture works and recommending a treatment plan. In addition, he made recommendations as to what activities I should avoid. This type of communication and guidance continued while I was a patient of his acupuncture center.

Many years ago I worked for an acupuncturist and received a couple of treatments. As a result, I had a vague recollection of what to expect. When I first arrived at Doctor Fu’s three months had passed since my neuroma foot surgery and I was still experiencing pain in my foot and toes due to scar tissue build-up and being a “slow healer”. After receiving acupuncture treatments to my toes and neuroma site I had less pain and discomfort (especially in my toes). Oftentimes I could feel the difference in my toes from one appointment to the next.

The most benefit I received from acupuncture was in the areas of my back and neck. I used traditional methods (i.e. rest, ice, heat, rehab exercises) after the first car accident. This was helping significantly but then the second car accident occurred. Now these same treatments were having a reduced effect in resolving my pain. After only a few weeks of acupuncture treatment my back pain was nearly gone and my neck pain was significantly reduced.

I believe that both Western and Eastern medicine (I’m Caucasian by the way) have their respective places in the world. Clearly acupuncture won’t work miracles when muscles, ligaments or tendons are torn. However, the typical prescribed course of action by medical doctors which includes muscle relaxants (or Motrin), ice and heat are clearly not the “be-all and end-all” and should not be the only options in dealing with soft tissue injuries (i.e. car accidents).

I’d been trying to classify acupuncture when Doctor Fu described it perfectly. He said “acupuncture is somewhere in the middle, between massage therapy at a spa and a visit to a Western medical doctor. He went on to describe it as a “building effect” where the intensity builds and builds until you reach this enlightened and relaxed state.

Bear in mind, it is likely that I required more sessions than the average person. Realistically, the average NFL running back may have fewer injuries than I did when I arrived at Doctor Fu’s door. That being said, I am very thankful that I was referred to Doctor Fu and I’m clearly in a better place today due to the advice and care he provided to me.

D. E. (Aliso Viejo, CA)




我的故事得從足底神經瘤手術開始講起,接著舉重受傷,及連續兩次錯不在我的車禍,還有椎間盤退化性疾病,而這些全部發生在我四十歲之前。我的治療,從尋求我的初級保健醫生開始,接著是骨科外科醫生,不幸的是,這些醫生,不論哪一個似乎都沒有興趣給我一個合理,明智的建議,或提供我一些〝哪些該做,哪些該避免〞的這類細節,而且事實上,我很確信 Newport Beach 的骨科醫生在見面後的兩分鐘就開始想他自己的事了。


記得在我第一次到傅醫師的診所,我詳實且具體的填寫我的病歷表,包括我的疼痛的人體位置圖。傅醫師花了相當長的時間,對我的各種問題做一番詳細的評估分析,對我解說針灸的療效,及建議的治療方案。此外,他還給我一些建議,如哪些動作及活動應該避免。 往後每當我到他針灸診所做治療,他都持續著給我 這類型的關心及指導。

很多年以前,我曾為一個針灸師工作,也接受過幾次的治療,所以我大概有一點概念,知道針灸是怎麼一回事。我第一次到傅醫師診所是在我接受足底神經瘤手術後三個月,那時我仍苦於因手術疤痕造成腳與腳趾的疼痛,並且復原的速度緩慢。但當我接受傅醫師的針灸治療後,我的腳趾和之前神經瘤位置的疼痛和不適(尤其是腳趾)已逐漸減輕,幾乎每次的治療 我都可以感覺到它越來越好。

我從針灸受惠最大的是我的背部和頸部的部位。在第一次車禍受傷後,我用傳統的方法(譬如休息,冰敷,熱敷 ,復健鍛鍊)有明顯的幫助。但當接著第二次車禍發生後,我用 這些方法來解決我的疼痛就效果不佳了。而在幾個星期的針灸治療後,我的背部幾乎不痛了,頸部疼痛也顯著的獲得減輕 。

我個人認為不論西醫或東方醫學(順便提一下,我是白人)在世界有他們各自的領域,也各有所擅。但顯然的,在肌肉,韌帶或肌腱的嚴重撕裂時,針灸不能創造奇蹟。然而,在處理軟組織損傷上(如車禍),典型醫生所採行的,包括肌肉鬆弛劑,止痛藥,冰敷,熱敷等治療途徑,不應該僅只是 “你應該如此,也只能如此” 的唯一選擇。

我過去曾試著歸納針灸到底是屬於何種治療類別,一直到當傅醫師很完整的對我描述針灸,他說:針灸治療有點像介於在SPA的按摩治療 和西醫的治療之間。他接著形容說,每次治療均為〝療效的建立〞,如此不斷的累積療效的強度,直到達到復原和放鬆的狀態。



 Foot Pain,  Tendinitis*

 Dear Dr. Fu,

I was so scared in the beginning and didn’t have faith in acupuncture which could possibly cure my foot pain diagnosed as Tendonitis. At the first time, you had been so nice and patient to explain what will happen and how should I feel when needles went in. As a result, I feel much relaxed and truly not as bad as I thought. He also helped me with a letter of diagnosis so that I could have rest of my foot for 2 weeks of PE in the school. So, my foot healed completely within 3 weeks after 9 treatments. I would like thank you for taking good care of my foot in writing. I believe you will help more people with your needles. lol  🙂

O. K.,

Nov. 11th, 2011        (7th Grade in the middle school)

O. K. (Irvine, C.A.)




對於針灸可以治好我那被診斷為肌腱炎的腳疼痛, 在剛開始我是很害怕也沒什麼信心,在第一次治療時,你很好很有耐心的對我解釋等一下會發生什麼事,還有當針刺進去時我會有什麼感覺,結果我感到非常的放鬆並沒有如我之前想地糟。他還幫我寫了診斷書,以便我可以停上兩週學校的體育課, 讓腳可以好好休息。如此,在三個星期九次治療後我的腳完全好了。我想藉著寫這封信對你表示我的感謝。我相信你一定可以用你的針去幫助更多的人。 lol 🙂

O. K.

Nov. 11th, 2011       (中學七年級)


 Skin Problem*

I found Dr. Fu’s practice by a stroke of luck when I saw it listed close to my work office in the Anthem Blue Cross insurance directory.  I decided to try accupuncture to help clear my complexion and balance horomones as my dermatologist and physician weren’t achieving much results from conventional western methods.  Scheduling an appointment was easy and accomodated my schedule well.  I was happy to hear that I would meet with Dr. Fu for a no cost in-depth consultation first and receive a treatment plan before having to commit to any treatment–and it made all the difference.  Never before has a physician sat down with me for almost an hour, going over every pertinent detail of my health, habits, sleep, diet, stress, work and family history to gain a comprehensive view of my complete health.  Never before have I ever felt a physician was truly listening to me and truly wanted to help.  After my consultation, he presented two options for treatment and together we found a course that worked for me, my budget, and health outlook.  I was happy to receive accupuncture treatment the same day.  I have had accupuncture before during college but Dr. Fu has a technique to make most needle insertion not even noticeable!  In fact, some points even feel good and relaxing to receive! The treatment rooms are spotless, tastefully decorated, and have soft lighting and relaxing music.  At each appointment, I felt welcome, warm, and a part of the practice family.  Dr. Fu did an in-depth analysis of my pulse and health indicators prior to each treatment and checked in with me regarding my progress with diet, rest, and herbal Rx. After two months of regular treatment, my complexion had improved as well as a drastic improvement in my sleep, stress relief, and overall health.  I looked forward to each treatment as I felt like a different person when I walked out of the office.  I swear each treatment felt like a relaxing spa treatment–much like receiving a massage or going to a yoga class.  When I decided to relocate back to the Pacific NW, I immediately thought of how much I would miss Dr. Fu, Jean, and his team.  It is not everyday you find a Doctor who sincere in his genuine desire to help improve your health.  He is an exceptional, caring doctor and accupuncture practicioner. 

N. A. (Seattle, WA)



在一串Anthem Blue Cross 保險的醫生目錄中,我很幸運的發現了傅醫師診所在我辦公室附近。當我覺得我的痘痘 、面疱、荷爾蒙問題,從西醫皮膚科醫生及藥物那兒得不到幫助後,我決定試試針灸治療。我很輕鬆的就約好了看診時間,而且很高興地獲知可以得到免除和傅醫師的第一次諮詢費用,並且會在決定治療之前,被告知相關的治療計畫 —這和我以前的醫療經驗有很大的不同。從來沒有一個醫生願意花將近一個小時,坐下來和我詳細談談我的健康狀況、生活習慣、睡眠、飲食、壓力、工作和家族病史等等,有關的每一個細節, 以透視有關我的完整且全面的健康訊息。在此之前,我從來不曾覺得有那位醫生真的想聽我說話, 真的想幫助我。在諮詢過後,他提出兩個治療方案,然後就我的預算及健康前景,我们找出一個適合我的方案。我很高興的在當天接受了針灸治療,在大學期間,我曾有過針灸經驗。但傅醫師擁有很好的技術,使大部分的針插入時,甚至沒有明顯感覺, 事實上有些點你甚至覺得很舒服, 很放鬆。治療室內是一塵不染, 裝飾高雅,柔和的燈光及輕鬆的音樂。每次的治療,我感受到溫暖,歡迎,有如這醫療內的一家人。傅醫師每次治療前對我的脈搏和經期間的健康指標做深入分析,  並對我的飲食 、休息、 草藥接受反應方面的進展作一次檢查。在治療兩個月後,我的皮膚得到了改善,並且大幅改善我的睡眠,緩解壓力及整體健康。我期待著每次的治療,因為每當我走出診所, 我覺得就像變個不同的人。我發誓真的感覺每次的治療就像一次放鬆的SPA治療,很像接受按摩或去上一次瑜伽課。當我決定搬回太平洋西北岸時, 馬上聯想到我會多麼想念傅醫師,Jean 和他的團隊。不是每天都能找到一個醫生像他個這樣, 他真誠的願意幫助你改善你的健康。他是一個例外,一個有人文關懷的針灸醫師。


Vertigo, Sciatica*

I have been suffering from vertigo for 8 months and a pinched nerve in my leg for a month and a half. I tried all the traditional medical procedures and nothing changed. I heard about Dr. Fu from two neighbors and they were right! They were cured and I have been too!! Dr. Fu has amazing hands with a very gentle touch. At first I did not know what to expect from “needles.” But nothing ever hurt because of his expertise and natural ability to have a healing touch. My vertigo was gone in two weeks and my leg took five weeks, but was constantly becoming healed. I will always try acupuncture in the future because it is such a natural way to become healed.

A. V. (Newport Beach, Ca)



我患有眩暈為期長達8個月和坐骨神經痛 一個半月。我嘗試了所有傳統的西醫治療,並沒有任何改變。我從兩個鄰居聽說了傅醫師,他們是對的! 他們均痊癒,而我也已經好了!!在醫療時,傅醫師有著一雙令人驚奇並且溫和的治療的雙手。起初,我不知道對”針” 我能有什麼期望,但並沒有什麼傷害發生,而且由於他的專業知識和自然的能力,而有了一個癒療接觸。我眩暈已經好了兩個星期,我的腿則持續用了五個星期治療,一直到治癒。未來我必然會嘗試針灸治療 ,因為它是一種以如此自然的方式來做的治療。


Frozen Shoulder*

I had been suffering from a frozen shoulder for six months without any relief. Then I was fortunate enough to meet Dr.Fu. His acupuncture techniques began to work immediately, and with three months I was completely cured. I now am able my active lifestyle, which includes yoga and lifting weights, and I absolutely pain free. I recommend Dr.Fu unconditionally.

B. H. (Irvine, CA)



我患了肩周炎(所謂的五十肩)已經六個月沒有任何緩解。之後,我很幸運地遇到傅醫師 , 在他的針灸治療下,一開始立即有效果出現,在持續治療三個月後,我被徹底治癒。我現在在日常的生活上能夠積極的活動,其中包括瑜伽和舉重,已經完全不再疼痛。我衷心地推薦傅醫師。


有些頭痛的病友會形容:「頭痛痛到想把頭拿下來。」或是「 頭痛痛到想撞牆。」一點都不假。幾乎三十年的頭痛, 吃止痛藥,吃到心裡發毛,不得不轉向傳統醫學, 尋求沒有副作用的治標治本的醫療。前年我曾去看推拿, 很厲害的大陸中醫生幫我一週推拿三次, 她認為我是常年累積的肩頸僵硬,血液循環不良, 讓整個背部硬得像牆似的,她嘗試把多年的鬱結藉著穴位推拿化開- —可是沒用。 從去年十一月引發劇烈的頭痛後,我開始接受針灸治療, 從來沒想過我的頭痛可以根治,在我試過眾多的可行醫療方法後, 遇到一個比我還有耐心的傅醫生,比我更有毅力要把我的頭痛根治好 , 這給了我一道曙光, 逼得我不得不乖乖配合. 在每次的針灸治療中,沿著每一條經絡的每一個穴道, 傅醫師一一的問我:「這裡痛不痛?」這樣的對話要持續多次。光是我的一處太陽穴附近就可以抓出十幾個 痛點, 一一找出痛點,一一扎針。 頭部插完再扎肩頸,正面扎完再扎背連手腳相對位置也要扎針, 效果才更好。頭痛像是到處亂竄的魔鬼,躲躲藏藏, 有時從大穴道迸出狂亂作痛,有時躲在隱匿處隱隱作祟, 今天痛的地方和昨天未必相同,這次痛的地方也不等於上次的痛點, 像是打地鼠的電動一樣,要一一制服它,真的要很大的耐心和信念。傅醫生時時提醒我:「出門不要受風寒,記得要帶帽子或是圍巾, 護住口鼻。」「晚上在戶外泡完SPA ,要記得先擦乾身體,戴上帽子,再包浴袍。」「每天記得要吃藥, 睡覺要注意枕頭的高度,洗完頭髮要吹乾。」傅醫生交代完, 自己一陣苦笑,說:「我好像管家婆ㄟ。」其實我沒有那麼金枝玉葉 ,我是屬於「重症傷殘」的頭痛患者,需要醫生管制和自己多克制, 以免併發。在治療過程中,頭痛的頻率越來越少,症狀越來越輕, 痛的等級也降低了 痛的也時間縮短了 治療次數從每週三次,到每週兩次,到每週一次,一個月一次, 然後終於”畢業”, 真好! 感謝傅醫師。

W.Y. (Irvine, CA)

Thirty Years of Headache*


I have some friends with severe headaches and they would say that “my headache is so severe that I want to take my head off” or ” my headache is so severe that I want to hit my head against the wall”. It is the truth. Having taken pain-killers for my headache for almost 30 years, I was so worried about the side effects that I tried to search traditional medicine for help. I looked for a kind of medical treatment that permanently cures this headache with no side effects. Two years ago, I received Tu-Na three times a week from an acupuncturist who came from China. She thought that my headache is caused by back stiffness which is in turn caused by the accumulation of neck and shoulder stiffness. She tried Tu-Na to relax it, but it didn’t help. Last November I had a terrible headache, since then I began to receive acupuncture treatment. I had never thought that my headache could actually be completely cured. After I had already tried all the different medical treatments, I met Dr. Fu who is even more patient than me, who wants to cure my headache even more than me. This let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. So I cooperated with Dr. Fu. During every treatment, Dr. Fu would ask me “does it hurt here?” for every acu point on every meridian. This kind of conversation would repeat numerous times. He found more than 10 pain spots around just the Tai-Yang acu-point. He found the pain spots one by one and did the needling one by one. First the head then the neck; the front then the matching acupoints on the hands and feet to better the results. Headache is like a ever-moving devil. Sometimes hiding in the back and sometimes showing off at the front. Sometimes it is just a little irritant, sometimes it would explode with pain. Today’s pain’s location may not be the same as yesterday’s. It is just like Whack-A-Mole. You have to treat them one by one with a lot of patience and determination. Dr Fu often reminded me “to avoid catching a cold while outside, remember to wear a scarf and protect the mouth and nose”, and “after using the spa at night remember to dry the body first then wear the wool cap and bath robe” “remember to take your herbal medicine everyday and be mindful of the pillow’s height when you are sleeping and to dry your hair after taking a shower” After these reminders Dr. Fu said with a wry smile “I am like a mom talking to her little kids”. Actually I am not that fragile, I just have a really severe case of headaches and need the doctor’s reminders and self-restraint to prevent the headaches from occurring. During the treatment process, the frequency, amount of pain, and duration of the headaches lessened. I went from receiving treatment three times a week to twice a week to once a week and then once a month and finally I “graduated”; so good! Thanks to Dr. Fu .

Headache, Neck Pain*

BE PATIENT, IT WORKS. I am a member of a well known HMO. About December of 2009, I have terrible headaches starting from my neck. After many doctors visit and MRI, the doctor told me I have Spinal Stenosis of Cervical region that caused the headaches. Doctors performed treatments and therapies but with no relief. The HMO health plan provides a referral acupuncture services for its members. I made an appointment to visit Dr. Chun-Ming Fu, LAc. for my first acupuncture treatment. Dr. Fu told me that he can not treat my degeneration of cervical inter vertebral disc but he can help me to relief the pain. After 36 visits and 1 year later, I am still pain free. Thank you.

P.H. (Huntington Beach, CA)



要有耐心,它( 針灸)真的有效!我是一間有名的保險公司的HMO會員。在2009年12月,我頭痛得非常嚴重,痛的源頭來自於我的脖子。在看了許多醫生, 並且做了MRI 檢查,醫生告訴我,我是頸椎區域的椎管狹窄,所造成的頭痛。醫生們對我進行許多治療和各種不同的療法,但並沒有改善。這個保險公司為HMO會員提供針灸醫療轉介服務, 推薦我一個針灸醫師。我約好拜訪Dr. Chun-Ming Fu, LAc,並為我做了第一次針灸治療。傅醫師告訴我,他不能改變我的退化性頸椎椎間盤,但是他可以解除我的疼痛。在 36次的治療後, 經過了一年, 至今我的疼痛仍未再犯。謝謝。

Recurrent Miscarriages, Infertility*

I came to Dr. Fu’s office after going through recurrent miscarriages. One of my friends referred me to Dr. Fu and I am glad I that I went to him for acupuncture treatment. The initial conversations between us made me realize that I have to be happy and stress free to get pregnant. After I went to him I was a bit more relaxed and had 10 treatments with him before I went on a vacation. I was trying to get pregnant for 4 months and while I was on my vacation I found out that I was pregnant. I jumped with joy and I am 35weeks pregnant now. I am very grateful to him and would recommend him for acupuncture treatment. Thanks to him.

A.P. (Irvine, CA)



在經過幾次經常性流產後, 我的一位朋友介紹我到傅醫師診所,很高興我來到了傅醫師的診所, 接受他的針灸治療。在第一次的診斷,他使我了解到,我的身體狀況必須要在快樂和釋放壓力的配合下才能受孕。之後的治療, 它讓我的身體得以持續得到放鬆。 在此之前的4個月, 我曾經努力試著受孕,而在10個治療之後, 在我的度假假期中我發現懷孕了,這令我雀躍無比。現在我 已懷孕35週了。我非常感激並推薦他的針灸治療。謝謝他!


我是一個農夫, 因為職業上的關係, 每天往往在太陽底下工作超過十幾個小時。我患了頑固性偏頭痛, 幾乎每天下午頭痛都準時來報到, 令我非常痛苦。5 年之間嘗試過各科醫師的治療及檢查, 均未見明顯改善。2008年春幸賴傅醫師之超高醫術, 經過3個月的治療, 目前已然痊癒。

M.L. (Hawaii Garden, CA)

Stubborn Headache*


I am a farmer. Because of my job’s requirements, I work under the sun for more than 10 hours daily. I suffered this terribly stubborn headache for 5 years. The headache troubled me almost every afternoon at the same time. And I suffered greatly. I visited many different specialty doctors for treatments and many kinds of different check-ups, but without any result. Fortunately, in spring of 2008, after Dr. Fu’s 3 months acupuncture and herbal treatment I am fully healed.



年紀愈來愈老,看著愈來愈多的皺紋, 真使人氣惱。社區的太太推薦我參加傅醫師的美容除皺療程, 參加第一個星期就明顯發現, 不但睡眠狀況變好,而且皺紋真的變少了,臉也變的光亮多了!

S. L. (Newport Coast, CA)



As I grew older, I find more and more wrinkles on my face and it made me very upset. A neighbor recommended me, to join Dr. Fu’s wrinkle treatment. The first week showed evident discovery, my sleeping condition improved, the wrinkles really lessened, and give my face a gloss!



因為年輕時, 常常幫母親買菜提重物, 造成我的左手肘手腕及右手腕疼痛。年輕時並不在意, 任由此情形斷斷續續時好時壞的發作。 但隨著年紀增長疼痛現象愈來愈難忍受, 期間曾尋求物理治療, 但經長期治療仍不見好轉。後來經朋友介紹至傅醫師那裡治療, 經過幾個針灸療程的醫治, 這纏繞達十五年的疼痛居然獲得解除, 真令我高興不已!
D. C. (Irvine, CA)

Wrist Pain, Elbow Pain*

When I was young, I often went to the market to lifted heavy objects for my mom, which caused pain in my left wrist, elbow and right wrist. I didn’t care when I was young, but as time went by, the symptoms got worse. I tried physical therapy, but it did not really help. Later a friend introduced me to Dr. Fu. After several acupuncture, this 15 years of pain finally wentaway. I am so happy!



我怀孕八个月的时候去做ultrasound, 医生说胎位不正,孩子头在上面,可能要刨腹产。听说用跪的方式,可以矫正过来。坚持了一个周,每次都累的腰酸腿痛,却没有什么效果。后来认识了傅先生,跟他说了我的情况,他说你没有必要那么辛苦,这个其实很容易矫正。给我针灸了两次,一周之后再去医院检查,孩子已经翻转过来,医生了解了我的治疗方式后,连称神奇。很感谢傅先生,我的生产很顺利,孩子也很健康。
X.S. (LA, CA.)

Breech Presentation*

I was eight months into pregnancy when I took the ultrasound exam. The obstetrician said that the fetal position was not correct. The baby’s head was pointing upwards and caesarean section was considered. Someone told me that the kneeling method might help and I did it for a whole week. I ached all over after every time but it didn’t show any result. Later I met Dr. Fu and told him my condition. He said that there was no need for that much hard work. He did two moxa. treatments for me. One week later, I went
back to the hospital to take the exam again and the baby had turned around to correct position. When the obstetrician understood the treatment that I got, he was amazed. I am very grateful for Dr. Fu’s help and it was an easy delivery and the baby is healthy..

Lower Back Pain*

I was truly astounded by the results of the acupuncture performed by Mr. Chun-Ming Fu, L.Ac. I had been living with lower back pain from a serious accident for more than ten years. The stabbing pain had often run down my lower spine to my legs; causing me to be inactive and often find myself on my back to relieve the pressure. I gave up hope after years of going to three different chiropractors and thought I just had to learn to ignore the paralyzing pain. I was referred to Mr. Fu by a friend who believes that I should not give up hope and that she knows Mr. Fu can help. Most amazing part was that I only had two full sessions. After the first full session I was already feeling great, after the second session I knew it made a difference. After ten years of suffering, I was cured. I strongly recommend Chun-Ming Fu, L.Ac., because he does understand how it feel to be in pain and is willing to find the best way to solve it. I hope people no longer need to live with pain, therefore they can have the ability to be active and to live life to the fullest.Thank him and I am finally able to focus on living life.


T. W. (Fountain Valley, CA)



傅醫師針灸治療的效果真令我震驚不已!我因為一個嚴重的意外造成腰背已十幾年,這刺痛還時常沿著我的腰脊痛到雙腿,使我無法正常活動。而須常常要躺著 以減少腰背所承受的壓力,在經過3個不同的脊骨神經醫師, 幾年治療無效後, 只好放棄希望, 我想我只能學習忽視這疼痛。後來我的朋友認為我不應該放棄希望, 她知道傅醫師能幫助我. 而最令人驚喜的是我只經過兩次治療,  在第一次治療後, 我已經覺得非常好, 再經過第二次的治療,我知道它已經改變, 這十年的疼痛折磨終於被治癒。我強烈推薦傅醫師, 因為他瞭解病人的痛苦, 願意用最有效的方法來治療. 我希望人們不再有病痛纏身, 而能夠有能力正常活動, 且活的最好。感謝傅醫師讓我終於能夠專注於我的生活。

誠摯   祝福


 Ankle Pain and Swelling*

My ankle has been inflamed since 2013 following a running injury and multiple rolled ankles. I’ve seen multiple PT’s, chiropractors, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons and acupuncturists but nobody has been able to fix the issue. I was hesitant to try yet another acupuncturist, but Dr. Fu came highly recommended, so I’ve gone for a bunch of treatments over the last few months.

Dr. Fu spent way more time than other doctors asking about my injury and examining my ankle. He also spends a lot of time in the beginning of each session to isolate the exact pain points. I also noticed that he uses needles very strategically, zeroing in on key points and carefully adjusting every single needle whereas other doctors I’ve seen just administer a bunch of needles (quantity over quality approach) without positioning or adjusting.

After 6 sessions my ankle swelling is finally going down, and I actually couldn’t even locate the pain in my last session. It’s still not fully healed, but definitely seeing enough progress to stick with it.

I’m generally terrified of needles, but these are quite thin and feel like barely more than a tiny pin prick. Dr. Fu also takes care to use a very gentle touch and slow steady movements so at the most you feel the initial prick and some pressure, which he can alleviate by adjusting the position of the needle. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the office is extremely clean and sanitary

D.H. (Diamond Bar, CA)








敝人近十年來一直深受背痛所苦, 背痛的起因是年輕時打籃球, 受衝撞造成肩膀脫臼, 當時自恃年輕未立即就醫處理, 導致淤血於肩夾骨下方未散, 隨著年齡漸長, 背痛逐漸加劇, 常需吃止痛藥以減輕疼痛, 在台灣時曾經接受中醫以拔罐放血治療,每次放血後, 疼痛皆會紓解一段時間, 但沒多久症狀又會出現, 且療效越來越差, 移民來美後¸ 有幸認識傅醫師, 傅醫師用其家傳獨到之經脈理論, 以針灸方式治療, 經過四, 五次扎針後, 常久以來一直困擾我的背痛即已大幅減輕, 而且是穩定持續的改善, 不像拔罐放血只是短暫的紓解, 我因此深刻體會到醫療上所謂治標與治本之差別. 在此再一次感謝傅醫師精湛的醫術, 讓我多年背痛得以痊癒。

M. T. (Irvine, CA.)

Upper Back Pain


In the last ten years, I constantly suffered from back pain. The back pain originated from playing basketball when I was young. Through constant contact and slamming, my shoulder blade became dislocated. At the time I felt that I was young and did not need any medical attention, causing blood stagnation under the shoulder blood. With time, the pain intensified, and I often needed to take pain killers. Back in Taiwan, I had taken the treatment of “cupping bleeding”. After every “bleeding”, the pain will
lessen for some time, but after awhile the symptoms will reappear, and the results of the treatments worsened every time. After I immigrated here, I was fortunate enough to have met Dr. Fu. He used his unique acupuncture skills, and after five treatments, the pain has significantly lessened with continual improvement, unlike the “cupping bleeding” method’s temporary relieve. Here I will once again thank Dr. Fu masterly medical skills, relieving me from years of back pain.


Allergic Sinusitis*

I came to Doc Fu’s office with a very bad sinus and allergy condition and with his knowledge of acupuncture my body responded that night so well. I just was so excited and within 15 treatments, I have been able to live a better life and I am looking forward to other treatments.
R.B. (Huntington Beach, Ca)


翻譯 :
我到傅醫師的診所時, 我的過敏性鼻炎情況很糟糕.  在他的豐富的知識及精湛的針灸技術治療下 , 那天晚上我的身體反應非常好,  這使我非常興奮.  經過十五次治療後 ,  我的生活品質更好了.  現在我非常期待治療我身體上的其他疾病.



失眠失眠持續相当長的時間,加上女性更年期症状开始出现–潮热出汗,情绪复杂多变,性情急躁。入睡困難, 或時睡時醒,或睡後易醒,或醒後難以入睡,甚者徹夜不眠。  相信没有過失眠的人是無法体会那種又累又無法入睡的状况。第二天起床後感到頭重脚輕,疲乏無力,注意力不集中,記憶力下降等情形。在一次偶然機會裡 ,經朋友建議, 使用中醫針灸,配合耳穴貼壓治療 。第二次療程後,在床上翻来覆去,睡不着的情形改善了許多,感覺精神處於比較放鬆狀態。即使半夜醒来後,按按耳穴很快的就再睡着了。現在我已經進入第五個療程, 不僅我的睡眠質量提高了,感覺我的精神更加充沛有活力 。

W. H. (Irvine, CA)

Insomnia, Menopause Symptom*

I have been suffering from insomnia, the state of being unable to fall asleep, for a while. And, also the female menopause hot flashes symptom.  It’s easily awakened and a worse time falling asleep again.  Every morning I would get up exhausted and frustrated, causing my emotions to fluctuate wildly between happiness and anger. In a fortuitous circumstance, a friend of mine suggested acupuncture and pressure auricular therapy. After the second course of treatment, my insomnia began to fade away, letting me sleep in a relaxed and rejuvenating state. Even if I woke up in the middle of the night, I could still easily fall asleep by applying pressure auricular therapy. Now I am entering the fifth course of treatment. Not only have I been able to improve the quality of my sleep through therapy, I am also felt much more spirited and energetic and no longer troubled by insomnia.

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