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“I found Dr. Fu’s practice by a stroke of luck when I saw it listed close to my work office in the Anthem Blue Cross insurance directory.  I decided to try acupuncture to help clear my complexion and balance hormones as my dermatologist and physician weren’t achieving much results from conventional western methods.  Scheduling an appointment was easy and accommodated my schedule well.  I was happy to hear that I would meet with Dr. Fu for a no cost in-depth consultation first and receive a treatment plan before having to commit to any treatment–and it made all the difference.  Never before has a physician sat down with me for almost an hour, going over every pertinent detail of my health, habits, sleep, diet, stress, work and family history to gain a comprehensive view of my complete health.  Never before have I ever felt a physician was truly listening to me and truly wanted to help.  After my consultation, he presented two options for treatment and together we found a course that worked for me, my budget, and health outlook.  I was happy to receive acupuncture treatment the same day… read more“*

N. A. (Seattle, WA)