Back Pain


The Important Notes for Lower Back Pain Patient

If you have suffered lower back pain, you need to receive acupuncture treatment as soon as possible.

During the course of treatments, there are some important matters needing attention to reduce the chances of a re-injury.
1. put on waist support to protect and support your lower back
2. rest your lower back
3. temporally stop any exercise in your lower back
4. don’t bend your back, use your knee
5. avoid lifting heavy stuff
6. when you need to turn, turn your upper body and lower body at the same time
7. watch your postures
8. choose flat chair instead of a curved chair when you need to sit
9. sleep on the hard floor with a sleeping bag, if your mattress is too soft
For detailed information, please contact our office

Testimonials for Dr. Chun-Ming Fu’s Acupuncture Back Pain Treatment:

“Dr. Fu and his staff were very helpful, compassionate and professional when I came to their office with acute back pain. First and foremost, my back pain is gone! I was so impressed with Dr. Fu’s throughness with my treatments. He was very attentive and responsive to my pain…read more“*

 -A. C. (Fountain Valley, CA)

“July 29, 2014

 Dear Dr. Fu:

 I am writing to express my thanks and my sincere appreciation for the exceptional job you did helping me through a very difficult time.  I came to you suffering from a severe back problem after having tried every other traditional and standard treatment. I am thankful that a friend recommended you as you were my last resort…read more“*

 -J. S. (Irvine, CA)

“Last month, my father (56) came to Dr. Fu because of a chronic backpain that persisted since he was around 30. When we finally decided to do something about his backpain instead of just letting him rest in bed for days for the pains to subside, I brought him to Dr. Fu. My father received great care and…read more“*

-C. T.  (Irvine, CA)

“Hace un par de semanas inicié el tratamiento de acupuntura con el Dr. Chun-Ming Fu y realmente he quedado sorprendida y contenta con los resultados. Ahora mi dolor de espalda ha desaparecido por completo…read more“*

-K. G. (Irvine, CA)

“My story begins with a neuroma foot surgery, a weight lifting injury, back-to-back not-at-fault car accidents and a degenerative disc disease diagnosis; and all that at a mere forty years of age. My quest for healing began with my primary care doctor and soon after an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, neither of these doctors seemed interested in giving me sound advice or providing much in the way of details as to what I should and shouldn’t do…read more“*

-D. E. (Aliso Viejo, CA)


“I was truly astounded by the results of the acupuncture performed by Mr. Chun-Ming Fu, L.Ac. I had been living with lower back pain from a serious accident for more than ten years. The stabbing pain had often run down my lower spine to my legs; causing me to be inactive and often find myself on my back to relieve the pressure. I gave up hope after years of going to three different chiropractors and thought I just had to learn to ignore the paralyzing pain. I was referred to Mr. Fu by a friend who believes that I should not give up hope…read more“*

 -T. W. (Fountain Valley, CA)

“敝人近十年來一直深受背痛所苦, 背痛的起因是年輕時打籃球, 受衝撞造成肩膀脫臼, 當時自恃年輕未立即就醫處理, 導致淤血於肩夾骨下方未散, 隨著年齡漸長, 背痛逐漸加劇, 常需吃止痛藥以減輕疼痛, 在台灣時曾經接受中醫以拔罐放血治療,每次放血後, 疼痛皆會紓解一段時間, 但沒多久症狀又會出現, 且療效越來越差, 移民來美後¸ 有幸認識傅醫師, 傅醫師用其家傳獨到之經脈理論, 以針灸方式治療…read more“*

 -M. T. (Irvine, CA.)

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