Frozen Shoulder

“my shoulder pain was so bad that I couldn’t even lift my arm, so I had to go the doctors. First, I tried Western medicine. Cortisone shots were effective atfirst, but then lost their effectiveness after a few weeks. After that the Western doctor said the pain was un-treatable… read more“*

– J. H. (Laguna Woods, CA)

“I had been suffering from a frozen shoulder for six months without any relief. Then I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Fu. His acupuncture techniques began to work immediately, and with three months I was completely cured… read more“*

– B. H. (Irvine, CA)

Frozen shoulder patients suffer the severe shoulder pain  and limited R.O.M. (range of motion). Most of patients get injured, and then do not receive proper treatment right away. This causes the condition to get worse: more painful and more limited.


For a hypothetical example, consider PatientA. At the beginning, pain scale for PatientA is 2/10, after 2 years, it increases to 7/10. At the beginning, R.O.M. abduction for PatientA was 160 degrees, after 2 years, it becomes reduced to only 30 degrees.

Western medicine doctor like to use cortisone injection, but cortisone injections just temporarily relieves the pain, after couple weeks it comes back with even more severity.

Acupuncture can truly solve this problem with no side effect. Get acupuncture as early as possible to prevent this problem from getting worse. The earlier you get treatments, the less treatments you’ll need.