Neck Pain


In Chinese Medicine theory, there are meridians in our body. Meridians are invisible, they are like channels connect every organ and part of the body, and construct a network. Qi is energy flow, also invisible, Qi goes through meridians to provide balance, regulation and coordination of physiological processes. Pain results when the flow of Qi through the body is blocked.

Neck pain is Qi blocked in neck area, if it doesn’t receive good treatments, it will be get worse. More and more Qi blocked along meridians, up to our back head, top head, and then front head; or down to our shoulder, and then upper back; or cross to our arm, wrist, and then the hands. Which will cause those areas pain, numbness, or tingling

Every acupuncture treatment acts as ice carving; the blocked Qi will be chiseled by acupuncture little by little, piece by piece, one treatment after another with continuous work until Qi circulation completely opens up.

Dr. Fu has special skills of neck pain acupuncture treatment.

“At my first appointment with Doctor Fu I completed a detailed medical questionnaire including illustrating (on a chart of the human body) the specific sites of my pain. He spent a good deal of time assessing my various issues, discussing the treatments, educating me on how acupuncture works and recommending a treatment plan. In addition, he made recommendations as to what activities I should avoid. This type of communication and guidance continued while I was a patient of his acupuncture center…read more“*

D. E. (Aliso Viejo, CA)

“BE PATIENT, IT WORKS. I am a member of a well known HMO. About December of 2009, I have terrible headaches starting from my neck. After many doctors visit and MRI, the doctor told me I have Spinal Stenosis of Cervical region that caused the headaches. Doctors performed treatments and therapies but with no relief…read more“*

P.H. (Huntington Beach, CA)