Vertigo refers to symptoms of balance loss and the sensation that everything around you is spinning.
It often occurs along with blurred vision, sensory confusion, nausea, vomiting, perspiration or even fainting.

In Chinese Medicine Theory, vertigo is related to Qi/Blood deficiency, Dampness accumulation, Liver Yang rising or Kidney Essence deficiency. The most frequent pattern is Qi deficiency which causes dampness accumulation. Dampness accumulates in the meridian around the inner ear area, then disrupts and blocks the flow of Qi; this causes loss of balance and the sensation that everything around you is spinning.

Treating vertigo with acupuncture and herbs, I would choose SJ Meridian’s acupuncture points, because SJ Meridian connects the ears and is good at clearing dampness. Also, I would use herbal medicine that increases Qi and reduces dampness. Like I mentioned before, stimulation of appropriate acupuncture points through acupuncture treatments help restore sufficient, continuous, even flow of Qi through the body, thereby restoring health and balance, while also relieving symptoms.

“I have been suffering from vertigo for 8 months and a pinched nerve in my leg for a month and a half. I tried all the traditional medical procedures and nothing changed. I heard about Dr. Fu from two neighbors and they were right! They were cured and I have been too!!… read more“*

A. V. (Newport Beach, Ca)

“I experienced a sever attach of vertigo that left me shaken. I was having trouble recovering from the effects of the condition.
Fortunately for me you were available to treat me.  The treatments helped me recover and got me back to my regular routine… read more“*
J. S. (Irvine, CA)


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