Menopause Discomfort


menopause pictureDuring menopause, some women may suffer considerable discomfort, while others do not experience any discomfort. Through years of experience treating menopause discomfort for my patients, I have seen that most menopause suffering patients’ body constitutions are Yin deficiency.

There is the theory of Yin-Yang in Chinese medicine. Yang is like the day time, sun, hot, fire, dry………. . Yin is like the night time, moon, cold, water, wet………. . If Yin and Yang are balance in your body, you will feel comfortable, peaceful and healthy. If Yin is too low (Yin deficiency), you will feel too much Yang (Heat) in your body, the heat will disrupt your sleep, cause hot flashes, night sweats and emotional issues.

I use certain body acupuncture points, auricular acupuncture points and herbs to increase Yin and reduce heat for my patients. This combination of treatment always produce good results. And unlike hormone therapy, patients do not need to worry about the risk of cancer.


“I have been suffering from insomnia, the state of being unable to fall asleep, for a while. And, also the female menopause hot flashes symptom.  It’s easily awakened and a worse time falling asleep again.  Every morning I would get up exhausted and frustrated, causing my emotions to fluctuate wildly between happiness and anger. In a fortuitous circumstance, a friend of mine suggested acupuncture and pressure auricular therapy… read more“*

W. H. (Irvine, CA)