Health Tip of the Week: R.I.C.E. and Acupuncture

What should you do when you sprain your ankle during exercise?

Keep it in your mind: R.I.C.E.

When you get acute injury, don’t forget using R.I.C.E. – “Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.”   That is immediately rest the area, apply ice, compression and elevation.

Don’t underestimate the power of R.I.C.E. because acute injury comes with inflammation – redness, swelling, heat and pain.

R.I.C.E. is a good way of anti-inflammation at the beginning of acute injury.   Any stretch, therapeutic exercise or applying heat will let your condition get worse.  

Receiving good acupuncture treatments as soon as possible, you will find the amazing effect of it.


Health Tip of the Week: Soothing Pain – Apply Ice or Heat

My patient asked me “I sprained my ankle yesterday, so I applied a heat pack to my ankle. After a moment, I felt my condition getting worse, more painful, more swollen and more red. But I remembered last year I had lower back pain and I used a heat pack and it helped!”

To use ice or heat?

It depends on your pain. Generally, if it is acute pain, use ice in the first two days and then use heat.

If it is chronic pain, use heat. But after 2 days, if it is still inflamed, you still need to use ice.

Whenever you apply heat and feel uncomfortable, stop it and change to ice. This is a more accurate way to determine wheter or not you should apply ice or heat.

-Dr. Chun-Ming Fu

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