Health Tip of The Week: Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder patients suffer the severe shoulder pain  and limited R.O.M. (range of motion). Most of patients get injured, and then do not receive proper treatment right away. This causes the condition to get worse: more painful and more limited.

For a hypothetical example, consider PatientA. At the beginning, pain scale for PatientA is 2/10, after 2 years, it increases to 7/10. At the beginning, R.O.M. abduction for PatientA was 160 degrees, after 2 years, it becomes reduced to only 30 degrees.

Western medicine doctor like to use cortisone injection, but cortisone injections just temporarily relieves the pain, after couple weeks it comes back with even more severity.

Get acupuncture as early as possible to prevent this problem from getting worse. The earlier you get treatments, the less treatments you’ll need.

-Dr. Chun-Ming Fu

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Health Tip of The Week: Neck Pain- How to Sleep on Sides

When you sleep on back,use this way:
“Roll a towel up and place it under the back of your neck to support your neck when you sleep at night.
Adjust the height of the towel according to your cervical curvature and your comfort.”
But when you sleep on sides, you need a higher pillow.
Let me explain: Not enough support will cause your neck injury and(or) shoulder blade injury.
Measure the length from the edge of your head to the edge of your shoulder. It should be much longer than the support of your cervical curvature.
Preparing a small pillow beside your head, when you turn on sides add the small pillow on to your regular pillow.


-Dr. Chun-Ming Fu

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Health Tip of the Week: Rest or Exercise

Q: Some people hear from their friends or some medical staff that it is necessary to work through the pain of an injury by continuation physical activities and doing therapy.  The saying goes that without physical activity/ therapy muscle will atrophy and pain will persist.  There is also another saying that using supportive braces like a back brace will cause an overreliance on the braces.
A: In general, for conditions such as acute tendonitis, it is better to rest during the preliminary stages of acupuncture treatment.  If physical activity and therapy is continued during the early stages of recovery, it will not get the necessary rest, which may turn it from an acute to a chronic condition.  This makes it harder to treat.   Irritating a cut will only delay its healing and the same principal applies to the healing of muscle and tendons.  Wearing braces is also important during the preliminary stages of an injury because it helps lower the chances of a reinjury.

Dr. Chun-Ming Fu

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Health Tip of the Week: R.I.C.E. and Acupuncture

What should you do when you sprain your ankle during exercise?

Keep it in your mind: R.I.C.E.

When you get acute injury, don’t forget using R.I.C.E. – “Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.”   That is immediately rest the area, apply ice, compression and elevation.

Don’t underestimate the power of R.I.C.E. because acute injury comes with inflammation – redness, swelling, heat and pain.

R.I.C.E. is a good way of anti-inflammation at the beginning of acute injury.   Any stretch, therapeutic exercise or applying heat will let your condition get worse.  

Receiving good acupuncture treatments as soon as possible, you will find the amazing effect of it.