Acupuncture for Depression

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Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective therapy for depression. Everyone’s depression is different, at Acupuncture In Irvine, we tailor our depression treatment to every individual. In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe not just in healing the symptom, but the body as a whole.

acupuncture for depression irvine

About 16 million American adults suffer from depression each year.  And the number of people taking anti-depressants and self-medicating is only growing every year. Acupuncture does not have side effects, unlike antidepressants which can have significant side effects and even worsen depression.

Mental health is a growing issue and Western Medicine only treats the symptom. Tradition Chinese Medicine takes the whole body into account. Our acupuncture treatments not only help out with depression, but insomnia, anxiety, and addresses the root issues of the body.

Medical studies such as the one done in 2013 with 750 participants showed that about one in three patients were no longer depressed after three months of acupuncture, compared to one in five who received neither treatment. “In controlled trial of acupuncture and counselling for patients presenting with depression, after having consulted their general practitioner in primary care, both interventions were associated with significantly reduced depression at 3 months when compared to usual care alone.” – PLOS Medicine Research on Acupuncture and depression.

Many symptoms of depression include

  • Loss of interest in typically pleasurable activities.
  • Negative thoughts (often worrying about the future)
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings of hopelessness.
  • Increase irritability, exhaustion, and agitation.
  • Changes in sleeping patterns (too much or too little)

And these studies have shown that acupuncture helps tremendously with to combat these symptoms. The traditional Chinese theory is that Acupuncture help balances the Qi which circulates the body. Once Qi is balanced, the overall health and stability of the body is returned. And thus the root problem of depression is treated. Instead of supressing the symptoms of depression, acupuncture treats the root causes.

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