Insomnia ranks high, right behind the common cold, stomach disorders and headaches as a reason why people seek a doctor’s help.  There are about one-third of adults complained that they woke up in the midnight and couldn’t continue their sleep.

No matter if you can not continue the sleep in the midnight or can not fall asleep at the beginning, acupuncture and herbs are all very helpful to relieve the condition.

There is the theory of Yin-Yang in Chinese medicine. Yang is like the day time, sun, hot, fire, dry………. . Yin is like the night time, moon, cold, water, wet………. . If Yin and Yang are balance in your body, you will feel comfortable, peaceful and healthy. If Yin is too low (Yin deficiency), you will feel too much Yang (Heat) in your body, the heat will disrupt your sleep.

Having a good night sleep will increase the Yin. On the contrary, insomnia will cause your Yin deficiency, so your condition will be getting worse, this is a vicious circle.

If you are suffered from insomnia , you need to get help as soon as possible to change your sleep disorder.

Acupuncture and herbs work by increasing Yin and reducing heat in the body to treat this condition. They are the natural ways to release your insomnia with no side effect at all.

“I have been suffering from insomnia, the state of being unable to fall asleep, for a while. And, also the female menopause hot flashes symptom.  It’s easily awakened and a worse time falling asleep again.  Every morning I would get up exhausted and frustrated, causing my emotions to fluctuate wildly between happiness and anger…read more“*

W. H. (Irvine, CA)

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