Period Cramps

period cramps pic.

Chinese Medicine Theory shows that there are some patterns of period cramps.
Clinically, the most frequent patterns are Qi stagnation, Blood stasis, and Cold-damp. Qi /Blood stagnation in lower abdominal area will cause the pain, Cold-Damp is one of the reason to cause Qi/Blood stagnation.

Treating period cramps with acupuncture, I would choose Ren and Sp Meridians’ acupuncture points, because Ren Meridian connects the uterus and ovaries and Sp Meridian can promote Qi and Blood circulation. Thus getting very good result.

“I came to Dr. Fu from a referral from a friend who had experienced great success with him in managing her pain that comes with having endometriosis. I too have always suffered with horrible and debilitating pain from my periods my whole life. The only option that was given to me was birth control pills. Unfortunately, just like many other pharmaceutical drugs there are always side effects with them. Plus I did not want to be on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life and it wasn’t helping my pain that much anyway.
Fast forward to after the birth of my first daughter. After I had her and my periods came back, they were as painful as ever. What was worse is that I suffered from horrible ovulation pain as well. My abdomen would swell up so big and I would basically be cramping and in pain from ovulation until my period. Basically I was in extreme pain for 2 weeks out of the month.
When I went to see my OB to figure out why I had all this pain she saw 2 chocolate cysts on my ultrasound and pointed to endometriosis. I was devastated. To think that I would be in pain for half the month every month was so hard for me to accept. My OB had mentioned surgery but since I was trying to get pregnant with my second baby that was not an option for now.
Also, what I figured out is that because I was on the pill for so long it suppresses ovulation so I never knew I suffered from ovulation pain too! But now that I was trying to get pregnant again, the pill was not an option.
So i suffered every month until I finally got pregnant again and didn’t have periods for a whole year. Fast forward again to after having my second baby. I was so scared and sad when I got my first post partem period because I did not want to suffer for 2 weeks out of the month again! By luck my friend told me about Dr. Fu and I made an appointment right away…read more”*:

R. S. (Irvine, CA)