New Testimonial: Tendonitis

Dear Dr. Fu, I was so scared in the beginning and didn’t have faith in acupuncture which could possibly cure my foot pain diagnosed as Tendonitis. At the first time, you had been so nice and patient to explain what will happen and how should I feel when niddles went in. As a result, I feel much relaxed and truly not as bad as I thought. He also helped me with a letter of diagnosis so that I could have rest of my foot for 2 weeks of PE in the school. So, my foot healed completely within 3 weeks after 9 treatments. I would like thank you for taking good care of my foot in writing. I believe you will help more people with your needles. lol  🙂 Oxxxx Kxx, Nov. 11th, 2011 (7th Grade in the middle school)