Health Tip of The Week: Special Notes During The Treatment

1.  Treatment is based on your health condition:  The importance of describing your health condition during the appointment: As mentioned earlier, each person responds to acupuncture treatment differently, some are fast and some are slow and the treatment effect is also different.  The body’s respond to the treatment may be different due to other factors such as environment and lifestyle.  Thus it is necessary for doctor to ask about your health condition since the last treatment for each appointment so that I can evaluate and adjust your treatment based on your information.  That is how our treatments are personalized and tailored.  We require the patient or the person who takes care of the patient to describe in detail the health condition after the previous treatment for each appointment so we know your most recent health condition and the status of your recovery.  We will then provide you with the best treatment plan so you can get an optimal treatment effect. 

2. Follow the doctor’s instruction:  Things such as taking medication on time, pressing ear-seeds, getting acupuncture treatments as scheduled, and get plenty of rest for the injured area – do not carry heavy items, use braces to prevent injury again, apply cold pad or heat pad at appropriate times, adjust your diet: pay attention to what you should eat and should not eat.  Doing these will help you get the most out of your time, money, medical resource, and your and my effort.

3.  If you are planning for a vacation or will be out for work during your treatments, please notify me at your earliest convenience so I can adjust the treatment plan and time accordingly.

4.  Medical problem(s) is like a hole on your cloth, you need to treat it as soon as possible. If you delay treatment and the symptom gets worse, then more effort will be required to treat just like you need to repair a hole when it is small; once the hole enlarges, it gets more difficult to repair.  Thus, it is recommended that patients have the determination to receive treatments and complete the treatment process.  It is important that you avoid skipping, discontinuing, or delaying treatment during the process of treatment when your health condition just started to show improvement. By discontinuing your treatments half way you would be wasting your previous treatments and causing this source of medical problem(s) to remain in your body.  If you become injured or weak, the pains will show up again in your body.  If you wait till then you will have to spend more time and effort to fight it.  There is a Chinese saying: To kill a wildflower, you must extract the roots.

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