Health Tip of The Week: Attention After Treatments Are Completed

After you are healed, please follow the doctor’s recommendations. Please take care of yourself and maintain positive posture to prevent reoccurrence of preexisting conditions. Even if the pain is gone it can still be a weak spot and needs care. If the condition is to reoccur, please come back to us to get treatment as soon as possible. In addition, you must understand that the responsibility of the doctor is to help you restore your body’s health condition. I am not a fitness trainer. Thus, you should not challenge your body or try any activity that may negatively affect your body during and after the treatments process.  Please take special care of your body so you can enjoy a healthy and happy life. Dr. Chun-Ming Fu If you find this useful don’t forget to SHARE IT with your friends! :D And make sure to Follow Us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook to receive important news, discounts, and health tips like this