Health Tip of The Week: Explanations of Acupuncture Treatment Process

Acupuncture treatments can be differentiated on the basis of two conditions:
  1. Acute conditions:The earlier the treatments are received after injury, the better the results will be. Three to five treatments may be sufficient.
  2. Chronic conditions (illness postponed for a long time without treatments): Under such condition, treatment is divided into four stages as illustrated below:
Stage 1: Intensive Tx Period: 3 Txs/week, until about 60% recovered. Stage 2: Continued Tx Period: 2 Tx/week, until about 90% recovered. Stage 3: Recovery Period: 1 Tx/week, until the condition does not      recur again during this period of time. Stage 4: Observation and Maintenance Period: After you have recovered from the condition, you must take good care of your body, especially the weak point that needs special care.   Just as you need to perform annual car maintenance and undergo a dental check-up, you also need to schedule appointment for your check-up after the treatment. If a patient’s (including weight-loss patients) condition recur, he or she would need to come back to receive treatment as soon as possible Dr. Chun-Ming Fu If you find this useful don’t forget to SHARE IT with your friends! :D And make sure to Follow Us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook to receive important news, discounts, and health tips like this