Health Tip of The Week: Neck Pain -Take A Break

The neck needs a rest from constant sitting for example: sitting at computer, sitting at the desk,watching TV…….. Your head weights approximately 8 pounds which is a lot of weight for the neck to support. In the same posture it will often cause a lot of pressure on the neck muscles. Make sure to periodically stand up and walk around. Some of my patients asked me: Why does it help? Even when I stand up and walk around, my head is still on my neck. Yes, we can not take off our heads. But sitting in the same posture, your neck contracts the same neck muscles to maintain this posture. When standing up and walking around, the neck will let those muscles relax and contract the other neck muscles! – Dr. Chun-Ming Fu If you find this useful don’t forget to SHARE IT with your friends! 😀 And make sure to Follow Us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook to receive important news, discounts, and health tips like this