Health Tip of The Week: Prescription of Herbal Medicine (1)

Before herbal medicine can be prescribed, patient must undergo comprehensive examination and diagnosis by doctor to determine patient’s physical constitution through taking the pulse, checking the tongue, checking the complexion, and inquiring patient’s physical and medical history. The herbal medicine prescribed is personalized and tailored to the patient’s special needs. The effect of herbal medicine is the same as predicted by the Wave Process Theory for acupuncture treatment. A patient should continue taking herbal medicine on schedule until fully recovered. Stopping half way; taking medicine intermittently; or postponing taking medicine will reduce or even nullify the effect of herbal medicine. ……to be continued Dr. Chun-Ming Fu If you find this useful don’t forget to SHARE IT with your friends! :D And make sure to Follow Us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook to receive important news, discounts, and health tips like this