Acupuncture for Tinnitus (Ringing in Ear)

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If you been hearing ringing in your ear recently, you may have tinnitus. It’s okay. You’re not alone in this. We got you. Our award-winning acupuncturists provide the best acupuncture for tinnitus in Irvine.

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tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
tinnitus (ringing in the ear)

“When I went to bed every night, I had a ringing in the ear . I went to Dr. Fu and after a few sessions, the ringing went away! It’s been 2 years and still problem free. I’ve continued to see him for other ailments over the years. His technique is superb. I’ve been to many acupuncturists before Dr. Fu and have concluded that Dr. Fu is truly the best.” – C.K. (Irvine, CA)

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Tinnitus Information

It was found that 16 million people seek medical attention for tinnitus [1] and that 25 million American adults report experiencing tinnitus for five or more continuous minutes in the past year [2].

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How Is Tinnitus Treated?

Having ringing in your ears is not something you want to experience continuously especially if it may lead to hearing loss. You can try to avoid loud noises to reduce your tinnitus but it doesn’t solve the problem. At that point, it is important to see your doctor. They’ll recommend you a variety of treatment to treat underlying health conditions causing tinnitus and even some medication. But, they may also recommend a complementary treatment that has been gaining popularity because of its effectiveness. It’s acupuncture for tinnitus.

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What Is Acupuncture For Tinnitus?

Acupuncture is a treatment used under traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Under TCM, it is believed one’s health is determined by the flow of body energy called qi. By having an imbalance flow of qi, this can leads to sickness and issues to the body. Acupuncture uses acupuncture needles to target the body’s acupuncture point (acupoint) to stimulate the body and restore the balance in qi. This promotes natural self-healing abilities and alleviates symptoms.

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irvine acupuncture for ear tinnitus treatment
irvine acupuncture for ear tinnitus treatment
Acupuncture For Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears)

Can Acupuncture Treat Tinnitus?

Yes, acupuncture can treat tinnitus. More people are turning to acupuncture because of its effectiveness. Acupuncture is best known for its treatment of chronic pains and has been getting accepted by the scientific community as a reasonable treatment. In a study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information [3] found that acupuncture for tinnitus is effective in reducing the loudness and severity of tinnitus and can be a useful treatment for nonpulsatile chronic tinnitus.

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I started coming to Dr. Fu about a year or so ago for tinnitus which is a hard thing to treat. I had been told by many doctors that there is nothing you can do but get used to it. Saw Dr. Fu and he was honest and said not all people can have tinnitus removed but my success rate is high. I saw great results only after a couple treatments. I continue to go back when my stress gets high to help relax and calm me down. Also a great relaxing 30 minute nap. Would highly recommend others to try out, especially for things traditional medicine can’t help.

Additional Info

Before you go to your acupuncturist, it is good to visit your doctor to find the underlying cause of your tinnitus. This will help determine the optimal acupuncture treatments for you. Here are some things that can cause tinnitus:

  • Hearing loss in older people
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Heart or blood vessel problems
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Brain tumors
  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Thyroid problems
  • Certain medicines
  • Abnormal growth or bone changes in your ears
  • Head and Neck injuries
  • Congestion (Ear wax)
  • medical conditions (hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, Lyme disease, etc.)

Tinnitus can affect anyone but some things can increase your chance of getting tinnitus:

  • Loud noise exposure: environment, music, work, etc.
  • Age: As you age, you’re at more risk for hearing loss that is associated with tinnitus
  • Sex: Men are more at risk for tinnitus than women
  • Smoking
  • Cardiovascular problems: Things that may affect your blood flow

Tinnitus can affect your daily life significantly. It varies on the person but here are some ways tinnitus can affect you:

When it comes to tinnitus symptoms, you’ll be hearing noises that come and go or are very frequent. Here are some type of sounds you’ll be hearing:

  • Ringing
  • Buzzing
  • Roaring
  • Clicking
  • Hissing
  • Humming

Acupuncture Info

Acupuncture is known to be very safe. It is a good complementary treatment. If you are worried about the needles, they are not as scary as you think. They are thin and barely pierces through your skin. The only thing you’ll worry about is slight soreness where the needles were inserted. If you do feel any pain, feel free to tell your acupuncturist and they will adjust things so you won’t feel pain.

It depends. Your acupuncturist will determine how many sessions and how frequently you need to come in. However, you will have to go to a series of sessions. You will start 1 to 2 times a week until your acupuncturist sees good progress in your hearing. Your acupuncturist will then move it to once every few weeks or even once every few months. As you go to more sessions, you’ll begin to see the healing effect of your treatment.

When you come for your acupuncture session, you will do a check-up and be ask some questions about your tinnitus. If it is your first acupuncture treatment, you’ll have to fill out some forms and answer more questions about your medical history. After, your acupuncturist will decide what type of treatment is most optimal for your condition. If your acupuncturist decides to use acupuncture, you will lay down and they insert needles that will remain on your skin for 30 minutes. You’ll relax during that time. Your acupuncturist will remove the needles and proceed to discuss the next session. You’ll come back for a series of sessions and then you’ll see yourself recovering.

[1] “Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Statistics.” Hearing Health

[2] National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). Available from icon. [Based on calculations performed by NIDCD Epidemiology and Statistics Program staff: (1) tinnitus prevalence was obtained from the 2008 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS); (2) the estimated number of American adults reporting tinnitus was calculated by multiplying the prevalence of tinnitus by the 2013 U.S. Census population estimate for the number of adults (18+ years of age).]

[3] Naderinabi, Bahram et al. “Acupuncture for chronic nonpulsatile tinnitus: A randomized clinical trial.” Caspian journal of internal medicine vol. 9,1 (2018): 38-45. doi:10.22088/cjim.9.1.38

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